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Going on another food truck adventure with colleagues JL and JN, I convinced them to check out one of the newer food trucks in the city, Beljam’s Waffles. Suggested by its name, this truck is specialized in waffles, but not just ordinary waffles — they are waffle cones. No, not the kind we use for ice cream cones, think breakfast waffle in a cone shape.

Beljam's Waffles

Beljam’s Waffles


The menu is pretty simple, a few items that are more breakfast-themed, a few savoury items for lunch/dinner time, and a few for desserts. With the exception of a couple, everything is presented in a waffle cone.

We each ordered a savoury item, and as I came from Hong Kong, for sentimental reasons I opted for the Hong Kong Cone. Well, there is nothing Hong Kong in the Hong Kong Cone. It has numerous coconut shrimp topped with sweet chili sauce and seaweed. If I had to categorize the flavour profile, I think this is more Thai/Southeast Asian than HK. That being said, it looked very appetizing and tasted quite good. (more…)


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