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The dinner is part of a program organized by Edible BC called Cooking with BC’s Best Market Dinner. At each dinner, a renowned local chef would display his or her culinary skills and inspirations. First booked in February this year, we finally got to savour the dishes that we have been yearning for over the last six months. The chef for dinner was Lee Parsons, the executive chef at Bacchus Restaurant in the Wedgewood Hotel.

Present were Jonathan, Sherman, Mijune, Anita, and Joyce and I. The cool part of the dinner – other than having a well known chef cooking for you – is that the event was inside the after-hours Granville Public Market. The table of 20 was situated between the Stock Market and Edible BC’s retail store. On the table welcoming us were bread from La Baguette and a lovely dish of spot-prawn olive oil and balsamic vinegar (aged in a pinot noir wine barrel). Cooking out of a make-shift kitchen at the Edible BC store were Chef Parsons and his sous chef Vincent. There were literally two induction burners and one small convection oven.

The five-course tasting menu consisted of the following dishes and wine pairings:

First Course/Amuse Bouche: Chilled Essence of Vine Ripened Tomato

(Pemberton Distillery Schramm Vodka Summer Cocktail)


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For the first time on VanFoodies.com, all three writers have joined forces to provide you with a full scope of the Dine Out dinner at Diva at the Met. None of us has ever been there before, but we have heard good things about the restaurant. Intrigued by all the praises it receives, despite the recent personnel change in the kitchen (Quang Dang replaced Dino Renaerts as the Executive Chef), I personally was hoping for a treat.


Let us each share our thoughts on the menu. We may have the same dishes but we certainly have different views on them.

Joyce: Roasted Beet and Potato Veloute + Braised Lamb Cheeks + Stilton Cheesecake

Being the black sheep at the table, I was the only one ordering the veloute. The Roasted Beet and Potato Veloute came in a saucer, of which the server poured into a bowl with the dill crème fraiche and croutons – I really liked this extra touch and reminded me of the Dine Out I had at C Restaurant a couple of years ago.

Pouring the Veloute

Pouring the Veloute

The soup was very creamy, with hints of sweetness from the beet, but not too rich. (more…)

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In case you haven’t heard, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s Dine Out Vancouver time! I often take this opportunity to test the water, get a sneak preview of what some big players in Vancouver’s dining scene have to offer. Here on VanFoodies.com, each of the writers is giving you their Top 5 list. If you haven’t made up your mind, and/or have no idea where to go, check out the following list. Feel free to share your thoughts on these restaurants with us!

Mr.’s  top 5 places under $20 that he’s never been:

  • MIGZ BBQ on Broadway:  Having been quite satisfied with Memphis Blues, I’ve always wanted to try out another local BBQ joint. Both the St. Louis side ribs and pulled pork are making me salivate as I type. I couldn’t care less about their salad, soup, or dessert.
  • Chutney Villa: I have only had Indian food a few times in my life. It’s a crime considering how long I’ve lived in Surrey. I know little about the cuisine but I’d like to try something other than butter chicken this time.
  • The Calling: Ok I think it’s about time someone tells me what a Sheppard pie is…(Joyce: Yeah me too. I only know what a Shepherd’s Pie is. lol.)
  • Blarney Stone:  The pub that everyone has talked yet I’ve never been. Wouldn’t mind finding out what’s in an Irish stew and how badly can an Irish pub screw up tofu.
  • The Westward Ho! at the University Golf Club:  The menu would certainly suggest a higher price tag. At $18, I’d try this for what appears to be a great deal.

Frank’s top 5 dinners that he doesn’t want to miss:

  • hidden ($18): I was sold as soon as I saw pacific poutine with halibut cheeks, chicken and waffles, and root beer, hazlenut and maple ice cream parfait. Such comfort food is rarely seen elsewhere. The plus? It’s newly opened inside the Westin Grand Hotel (and, $18 for crying out loud).
  • Baru Latino ($28): Always enticed by empanadas and a sucker for Paella, I was immediately intrigued by the menu. The restaurant also seems legitimately latino.
  • db bistro moderne ($38): The Rock Hen duo and grilled swordfish got me fixated on the menu. The flavours sound uncomplicated and just delicious. How would I decide if I were to have dinner there?
  • Diva at the Met ($28): I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to have Diva’s famed Caramelized Stilton Cheesecake. Oh, and the duck liver parfait with rhubarb chutney sounds like a killer combo. (Joyce: According to OpenTable, this menu will be offered until July 2010 so don’t panic if you can’t get a table. You’ve got a few more months to try it out!)
  • Boneta ($38): A favourite of mine… it’s always attentive with its dishes. The menu appears seasonal; and the flavours clean. Come on, they have pork belly! Also, it definitely has one of the better dessert menus.

Joyce’s top 5 restaurants that are worth returning:

  • Cardero’s Restaurant ($28): Decent menu offering with a view of the North Shore in the background. Good value for where it’s located.
  • Le Gavroche ($38): Voted “The Most Romantic Restaurant in Vancouver” for a number of years, this restaurant also has a fair share of wine offering to pair with your meal.
  • Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House ($38): Joe Fortes has since redeemed itself from my very first DOV dinner there. This year’s menu, although has no surprises, offers some solid choices for seafood lovers.
  • Cru ($38): This menu is almost a replica of its regular prix-fixe menu. It’s usually priced at $42 so now you can save a few bucks and buy yourself a cocktail to start the night.
  • Trafalgars Bistro ($28): Mr.‘s and my favourite restaurant and of course I’d take this opportunity to encourage you to give it a try.

Now that you’ve got some idea, better act soon and start booking. Some restaurants sell out quickly – I heard that West was sold out on the first day, as did every year’s Dine Out. For a complete list of Dine Out restaurants, visit Tourism Vancouver’s website.

Happy eating!

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As mentioned in Joyce’s earlier post, we were made aware of the event put up by Whole Foods. On February 27th, all Whole Foods stores in Canada, the US, and the UK cracked a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano at each location. I witnessed the spectacle at the Whole Foods store near Cambie and 8th Avenue.

Sean, the guy who brutally broke the 40 KG cheese in half, explained to the shoppers and me (since I wasn’t there to shop) the uniqueness of this cheese. A local opera singer was there to serenade the legendary cheese. Did you know that Parmigiano is actually lactose-free? I am not sure if this also applies to the domestic or the under-aged ones, but for the real 24-month aged stuff from Northern Italy, it’s supposed to be the case. Sean also mentioned that the Parm made from milk in Spring and Summer is better as the fresh grass tends to give the cheese a slight sweetness. (more…)

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(Editor’s note: A joint post by Joyce and Frank. Enjoy!)

With the Olympics backdrop, many events are held in Vancouver to take advantage of that. We had the pleasure to go to an event that showcased the food and wines from Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast. The event was by invitations only. Having the privilege to receive the invitations (as media) was a compliment to the website as well as to anyone who follows us. A few other fellow food bloggers were there too.

The event itself was held at Robson Square. (Joyce: We got to check out the digital gateway at BC Showcase which is currently not accessible to the general public. That was fun!) The Le-La-La Dancers opened for the event. Also mayors and various regional destination marketing organizations were there to promote their municipalities. Food wise, it featured (more…)

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