Dine Out Vancouver is back for its 21st season! Running from January 20-February 5, 2023, 366 restaurants are offering prix fixe menus between $20 and $65 (side note: this was up from $20-$59 last year). Now that we’re settling into our new “normal”, I think more people would want to do this again this year. However, with the increasing food costs that we have been experiencing, I have my doubts about the value and attractiveness of these menus.

As per previous years, I took the time to review the menus and here are what caught my eyes, based on past experiences (Dine Out or otherwise), Google review (if it’s a restaurant that I’ve never been), as well as menu attractiveness (e.g. value for the money, choice of ingredients, creativity in the menu, enough options for two people, etc.). Also keep in mind that I curated the list based on my preference (as you know, I’m a meat lover and I’m biased against chicken and salmon) and my way of thinking, so it may not necessarily suit your taste. But hopefully this gives you a place to start.

Because of the arbitrary prices, I have organized my list into Brunch/Lunch and Dinner. You will find a link to the menu, as well as listed price, to help you make decisions. Remember, my recommendations are for that specific menu and specific location(s) only, even though the restaurant may have other locations and menu options. If you have been to any of them, let me know what you think!


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[Recipe] New York Sour

So over the holidays Mr. got into cocktail making and we’re looking up recipes online to try. The tricky thing is, we don’t have a lot of ingredients readily available and we also don’t want to stock up a lot of liqueurs, syrups or bitters and clog up the shelves. Then I was given this New York Sour recipe and with some modifications, it’s just the perfect drink for us to make at home.

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Another stop of my Hot Chocolate Festival quest this year is Honolulu Coffee. I had a media preview of their two creations at the downtown Nelson location.

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Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is back and it’s going to be a month of delicious indulgence of chocolate goodness! This year, 66 vendors have put forth 145 flavours of hot chocolate creations. I have started going around to taste some, how about you?

First up, Motoretta Gelato, part of the Kitchen Table Restaurants, with Salvatore Boccarossa at the helm. You may know Sal from Passione Gelato so you know his flavours are always spot on. They offer two unique pairings of sweet and savory.

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Pause n’ Sip opened its second location at Richmond’s Aberdeen Square in late November 2022. It’s conveniently located facing No. 3 Road and the Aberdeen SkyTrain station. I took my friend CC there and tried 3 of their signature drinks.

Bubble Tea

If you are a coconut fan, you will love Blue Jelly Coconut Milk. The sugar level is fixed but it’s not too sweet. It’s quite fun that it glows when you shine a light at it. And it’s only $5.99!

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