Earlier in May, I went to BC Distilled, BC’s premier micro-distillery festival. I got to sample vodka, gin, whisky, and other spirits made by 43 distillers across British Columbia. There were some interesting ones and particularly, I enjoyed eight of the spirits and I think you would too.

In no particular order, they were:

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The first Daan Go Cake Lab in Metro Vancouver is set to open in Richmond on April 15. Behind Daan Go is Christopher Siu, Season 7 Master Chef Canada winner. I had the privilege to take the first look inside and taste some of the popular creations that take Toronto by the storm.

At Daan Go, you will find adorable character macarons, creatively designed cakes, cute pastries, as well as the viral supreme croissants. In addition, ice cream is coming soon to the shop.

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Opened on March 20, OEB Breakfast Co. is now officially in Langley at Willowbrook Shopping Centre. We had a sneak preview of the new location on the weekend and had a Sunday brunch there.

By the way, if you are using Google Maps to locate the restaurant, note that it’s NOT inside the mall. It’s actually just north of it, as indicated in my doodle below (spot the egg!). We followed Google Maps and had to walk frantically inside the mall to search for the restaurant haha!

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Launched on March 15, 2023, Yaletown’s Provence Marinaside now has a Quelle Surprise menu everyday until April 15. Quelle Surprise translates into “What a Surprise,” and literally, you will come to the restaurant and be surprised! Each morning Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia and his chef team will make a limited number of dishes from a rotating assortment of bistro favourites, and these dishes will be featured in a two-course menu for only $49. This feature will be available during lunch and dinner service.

“Some days we’ll make a dozen orders of a particular appy and main, and other days, depending on the availability of ingredients and what inspires us, we might make two dozen, or only ten,” says Chef Jean-Francis. “I won’t know until that day what we’ll make or how many.”

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It was Papa Lam’s birthday earlier this month, and I took Mama and Papa Lam out for a day of, surprise, eating and drinking. The first stop was brunch at The Hard Bean Brunch Co. in Port Moody. It was only a Friday, but they have an everyday brunch menu plus other casual eats like burgers, finger appies, and bowls, and oh, an attractive sweets menu.

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