And the draw is: Parallel 49 Lil’ Red Sour Cherry Berliner Weisse

Wow. That’s a bit of a surprise. Lil’ Red. That’s….interesting. I have to admit, I didn’t think P49 would ever bring this one back. For those that aren’t familiar with it — Lil’ Red was released a few years ago, 2013 if I remember correctly, and was quickly recognized as the worst beer P49 had ever made. Continue Reading »

On the rare occasion that CC and I got to hang out we chose to check out CandyTown in Yaletown, and we decided to first grab a bite at Small Victory Bakery.


While CC opted for a sandwich, my eyes were set on those fluffy croissants in the showcase. I didn’t simply go for a butter croissant, though; I wanted a Breakfast Croissant. Sadly they sold out of it, so I went for the Bacon & Cheese Croissant instead. It’s light, fluffy, buttery. Then, as I got to the middle, there’s melted cheddar cheese with some meaty bacon. Of course, for the meat lover in me, I wish there’s more bacon. But because the cheddar cheese was also salty, too much bacon would’ve shot the salt level through the roof. This was perfectly balanced, and seriously, I could’ve easily had another one of these.

Bacon & Cheese Croissant

Christmas is just around the corner, so obviously I had to order a seasonal item. Cue the Mont Blanc. Continue Reading »

And the draw is: Central City Red Racer Doppelbock

Yet another of the many styles I’m a big fan of, Doppelbocks are malty, tasty, and so, so easy to drink. And this one is no exception. The pour is near black with next to no head. Malty aroma with added sweetness and caramel while the taste is those features cranked up. Continue Reading »

And the draw is: Parallel 49 Beerserker Scandinavian Strong Ale

One of my favourite things about P49 is their labels and sense of humour. As soon as I saw the label, I started thinking this beer needed a Skyrim reference. They didn’t disappoint. I admit, at this point I was ready to love this beer before I’d even popped the cap. Continue Reading »

And the draw is: Central City Red Racer Berliner Weiss

This Sunday we have a very light (3.5%) berliner weiss from CC. Golden pour with medium/small white head. Continue Reading »

And the draw is: Parallel 49 Anger Management Angry IPA

My first thought when I saw this label was “well, that’s not very festive”. But on second thought, maybe it’s too festive in the way it reminds us of what the season can be like. P49 is going meta on us with this one. Continue Reading »

And the draw is: Central City Smooth RYE’der Rye Lager

I recently wrote about Rye beers over at FBC. I’m a big fan and was happy to see this one. I’m not much into standard lagers, so spicing one up is totally up my alley. Continue Reading »

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