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(Editor’s note: This is Lisa’s debut post on VanFoodies.com. Enjoy!)

To the followers of VanFoodies, I am a new contributor to the blog. Hope you enjoy my future posts!

It was a sunny day, a day where I burnt my arm and worsened my Tom’s (shoes)  tan by sitting at a tiny sandwich shop at the corner of Pender and Homer. The interior is stuffy almost on hot days, but that doesn’t stop customers from piling into the shop.

The inside of the shop is old. Tables and chairs are fairly dated, maybe picked up from garage sales or vintage stores, glass jugs sitting at the counter with cucumber or lemon water, random ancient books in the corners gathering dust. As soon as you walk in, you look up at their menu, which consists of several chalk boards of chicken scratch handwriting of their different sandwiches, teas, cheese plate, etc. If you look to the side wall, there’s some peeling paint which may possibly explode moths out the wall any second. Beware.

This is one of my friends' sandwiches, the baked brie and pear.

There’s a charm to the place, like an old vintage store. (more…)


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I have written about the Vancouver “underground restaurant” scene a while back. Since that experience was quite positive, our food bloggers group decided to try another such restaurant. This one is called Swallow Tail Supper Club – supper club is probably more appropriate than “underground restaurant”. Joyce and I went to this dinner. To our knowledge, there are in total 4 underground restaurants in Vancouver, and it’s our intention to try them all. You can probably consider this as part 2 of a 4-part mini-series.

Swallow Tail is situated in a quiet neighbourhood in Vancouver. Upon arrival, we were first led to the backyard, where we were served the amuse bouche. It’s not the prettiest backyard, but it was nice sitting in the sun and chatting with friends.

Party in the backyard

Party in the backyard

Shortly following the amuse bouche, we were led to the basement for our dinner. I have to say being relatively tall, I don’t do very well with low ceilings. The room was overly dim and feels somewhat crammed. Otherwise, the background music of Charles Trenet and Edith Piaf and the wine rack worked well to create a welcoming environment. (more…)

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Judas Goat?!? This must be one of the weirdest names for a restaurant. Then again, Sean Heather and Scott Hawthorn do have another well recognized but equally strangely named Salt Tasting Room (wine bar, nothing to do with salt). Interestingly enough, these two restaurants are located right next to each other in the (in)famous Blood Alley. This 28-seat hidden gem packs a punch and is rightfully getting a lot of hype.

Everything about this tapas bar is unique. It overlooks the courtyard of a social housing development; it suggests a time limit to its patrons; it has pretty much no kitchen; and most importantly, it gives me what I want – a well thought-out menu and a eclectic beverage list. (more…)

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It’s funny that even though True Confections never stood out in my mind as the best place for desserts, I’ve actually gone there quite a few times over the last couple years.

A group of us paid them a visit after spending the day at the beach, and this will be my first review of True Confections.


I like the open and casual style of the shop, but I’m sure a lesser man out there would’ve preferred it to be more cozy and romantic. It’s pretty neat that they have all their finished products on display, so you know exactly what you are getting a slice of.

I must be getting old and feeble because I can’t believe I’m about to say this—they need to reduce their portion sizes, or at least offer ½ sized dishes. If you are heading in hungry and wants to get full, it’s perfect, but if you have had anything to eat within the last 3 hours, you are better off sharing an order.  Out of the 9 of us, I’m the only one that finished what I ordered, and that’s because I only ordered a drink.

What went in

Having had about two tonnes of meat earlier in the day, I wasn’t feeling particularly peckish. So I ordered a blueberry milk shake. (more…)

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The so-called “underground restaurants” have really caught up in Vancouver as of late (here is a bit of context). Behind the mysterious label is something rather simple. It is compromised of the following:

  • A private chef who is willing to entertain a communal table full of people with good food.
  • Diners who are just interested in food and appreciate casual, non-restaurant setting.
  • An undisclosed location to host the above two.

So far as I know, this phenomenon is nothing new elsewhere – I am glad it’s coming to Vancouver. However, it became really popular when the HST was announced last year, so I wonder if this has anything to do with that. The Vancouver Coastal Health is not a fan – it wants to inspect them. I think the diners should make the call on this… after all, what’s the difference between this and a dinner party (outside the monetary incentive)?

Yours truly had a dinner with the fellow blogging group, hosted by the chef/owner from NFA (No Fixed Address). The normal price is (more…)

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After almost 40 years of operation, The Cannery Seafood Restaurant came to an end today. It’s not due to the lack of popularity or customers, but because of new Port Authority security measures that I’d call post 9/11 paranoia. To commemorate this, I visited The Cannery for the first and last time.

To see Joyce’s original post about The Cannery, click here.


Having to go through port security, telling the mysterious unseen man in the booth that you are just a patron of the restaurant, and not some fanatic looking to blow stuff up, getting to the restaurant was an experience on its own.

Located in midst of the port, The Cannery is instantly recognizable and unique. In addition to a parking lot, it has a boat and floatplane docking facility, for those that wish to arrive in 007-style. The décor is rustic (inside and out), with an amazing panoramic view of the inlet and the North Shore Mountains (more…)

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There are way too many restaurants that I would like to try, but my brain is only so big to remember them all. This list is both for me and for you dear readers. I would like to share it with you along with my first impression of the restaurants. My view is obviously a biased one. I like restaurant that has an edge and a personality. I appreciate classic dishes that are done right and creative dishes that actually make sense. I will periodically update the list. Enjoy!

Cafe Barcelona

(Tasted) Serves traditional Spanish tapas dishes; good for snacks and drinks (more…)

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