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There’s a new bratwurst in town that I keep hearing about from people and it took me awhile to figure out where it was. It’s a little bit outside of my lunch radius, since it takes me 15 mins to walk – yes, I walk at the pace of a 65-year-old with a walker and severe arthritis.

From the outside

Glowing sausage!

Sausages are delicious and in such a simple form that you can’t possibly screw it up, right? Unfortunately, I’ve been disappointed time after time again – lack of spices, poor choice of meat/combination of meats, not enough fat, ripped casing, etc. The more disappointed I got, the more I realized that a sausage is actually very complex. It’s served exactly as the maker intended, from the amount of crunch from the casing, to the seasonings and spices, the texture of the meat, how juicy it is, all served into this sausage – after you take one bite. That’s a lot of pressure to get everything perfect.

Why did I come to Bestie after I started hearing the great reviews from others? To be honest, I wasn’t here for the food. I saw pictures of the interior and it looked beautifully designed – kudos to Scott & Scott Architects for a nicely executed project. All the print work was done beautifully – wonder if the owners designed it? Bestie is located on Pender Street in Chinatown, the area that’s slowly converting from old Chinese stores to these “hipster” (or whatever you want to call them) run places, like vintage stores, bicycle shops, and hair salons. The staff working here are pretty hip, a little bit retro, with their clear framed glasses or clubmaster frames, bright lipsticks, and toques.

Lovely peg board design by Scott & Scott.

Lovely peg board design by Scott & Scott.

The service here was friendly, one of the staff was a bit overbearing. I came here with the bf, and they explained how their menu worked as it was our first time. There are two styles to the dishes, one is currywurst in which they slice the sausage for you and put it on top of fries with house made curry ketchup; the other is the sausage and sauerkraut where they leave the sausage whole, with fries and sauerkraut on the side. (more…)


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This is my first time going to the Tasting Plates events. Here’s a little recap of my highlights of the EastVan edition. Kicked off the event with Via Tevere Pizzeria, where they served two kinds of Neapolitan pizza. The first one was the classic margherita and the second is the capricciosa. The capricciosa had prosciutto cotto, salami, artichoke, mushroom, and nicoise olive, whereas the margherita had San Morzano tomatoes, fior di latte, and basil. I am no expert at authentic Italian pizza, but I really enjoyed the margherita. The balance of topping to crust ratio was good, the tomato sauce had a nice balance of acidity, and the mozzarella (fior de latte) was scrumptious.

Neapolitan pizza from Via Tevere Pizzeria

Neapolitan pizza from Via Tevere Pizzeria!

This next one is really a matter of preference with gelato. For me, it wasn’t quite spot on but for those of you who love incredibly rich, creamy gelato, you will like Gelateria Dolce Amore. (more…)

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It has become increasingly difficult for me to find a regular pub/bar, that has both good food and drinks (or at least moderately priced beer), with music that doesn’t drown out conversation, and is casual enough to wear t-shirts and jeans but not look out of place if I came after work. Do you guys have a pub/bar that you frequent? I could really use some suggestions.

Entrance to Portland Craft

Entrance to Portland Craft

Portland Craft is a runner up for me. The space feels big, with incredibly high ceilings and resembles very much of a loft – the blue-grey walls probably add to it. There’s a mezzanine for larger groups and the kitchen, which kind of sucks for the servers having to balance plates and bowls and teeter down the stairs. They have multiple burlap bags hanging from the ceiling, I don’t know what’s inside of them. Their big chalkboard of beers is mounted on what looks like re-purposed wood flooring in a variety of stains.

Awesome new way to re-purpose some flooring!

Awesome new way to re-purpose some flooring!

Although located on Main Street, this place is open for all – as in it is not limited to hipsters only. (more…)

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Crepes, who doesn’t love them?

You can find them anywhere, fill them with anything — it’s like a hand held piece of delicious treasure on the go. Fill it with whipped cream, fruit, and ice cream. Sprinkle it with a little cinnamon and sugar. Stuff it with tuna salad and lettuce.

Anyways, there are a lot of places where you can get them; but in the downtown area, a lot of people flock to Cafe Crepe because of their convenient locations. But, if you want a really delicious dessert crepe, I suggest that you try La Bretagne Creperie.

It is further along Robson than Cafe Crepe, but well worth the walk. I’ve been here a handful of times already, the first time being a few years back when the joint was more popular. The last two visits were within a one month time frame and the place has definitely slowed down. It might just be because of the holidays and/or the location.

The place is in dire need of a renovation. The seats, cutlery, decor, everything looks very dated…and not that nice antique kind of way. Strange orange walls, flat screen in the corner, booth seatings – they don’t add up to a classy or contemporary space. I heard that the place switched owners since the last time I was here and you can definitely feel it. The vibe was quite different since my first visit.


I have had several of their crepes already, but mostly sweet (although I’m a savoury kind of gal). The day I decided to actually photograph, we tried two savoury and two sweet – that’s right, four crepes, two people. (more…)

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We were invited to an event at CocoaNymph, which was a benefit for the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

As we approached Cocoa Nymph, you could clearly tell that’s where everyone was – all the windows were steamed up, flurries of body movement. Unfortunately, we came a little later and missed some of the beginning performances, but the ones we did manage to hear was beautiful.


I got a chance to meet and chat with the chocolatier’s partner who also happened to be the bartender for the event. He graciously allowed us to go behind the counters to get some snapshots of their chocolate samples.


I think my favourite of the three we got to try was this one, they call it the Liz. Yes, I’m one of those people who like white chocolate and get made fun of. (more…)

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