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It’s been awhile since I’ve wandered around the law court area. But there’s been a great addition to the area for a delicious sandwich — the kind on a nice crusty baguette instead of the sliced loaf bread, score!

Hubbub Sandwiches.

The place is comfortable and cute, with white walls, dimmed lighting, colourful chairs, and a large photo print of Lego men on canvas. The kind of place where you won’t make a fool of yourself trying to pronounce ridiculous item names and could probably impress your friends by knowing that such a place exists downtown.

Different types of seating, always a good idea.

The menu is small and straightforward. Couple of different types of sandwiches, handful of sides to pick from, and drinks, including beer and wine on tap! (more…)


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(Editor’s note: This is Lisa’s debut post on VanFoodies.com. Enjoy!)

To the followers of VanFoodies, I am a new contributor to the blog. Hope you enjoy my future posts!

It was a sunny day, a day where I burnt my arm and worsened my Tom’s (shoes)  tan by sitting at a tiny sandwich shop at the corner of Pender and Homer. The interior is stuffy almost on hot days, but that doesn’t stop customers from piling into the shop.

The inside of the shop is old. Tables and chairs are fairly dated, maybe picked up from garage sales or vintage stores, glass jugs sitting at the counter with cucumber or lemon water, random ancient books in the corners gathering dust. As soon as you walk in, you look up at their menu, which consists of several chalk boards of chicken scratch handwriting of their different sandwiches, teas, cheese plate, etc. If you look to the side wall, there’s some peeling paint which may possibly explode moths out the wall any second. Beware.

This is one of my friends' sandwiches, the baked brie and pear.

There’s a charm to the place, like an old vintage store. (more…)

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