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(Editor’s note: Here is Mr.‘s take, part 2 of 2 of the Eat Vancouver series.)

The Likes

New India Buffet & Restaurant – Butter Chicken with Rice

This was the first thing I ate at the event. So my judgement might’ve been a little blinded by hunger. I ordered the butter chicken (safe bet I know). I was almost too hungry to really taste it. But I have a feeling it was delicious. Compared to what my friends had, mine was bigger, thicker, spicier, more flavourful, oh and my butter chicken was better too.

Butter Chicken and Rice

I’m no expert in Indian food, but this gets a thumbs up from me. However words don’t mean as much as this empty plate.

Empty Plate

Gramercy Grill – Mac & Blue Cheese with Meatballs

Blue cheese in Mac and Cheese? WHAT? For those of you that don’t like strong cheese, (more…)


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The so-called “underground restaurants” have really caught up in Vancouver as of late (here is a bit of context). Behind the mysterious label is something rather simple. It is compromised of the following:

  • A private chef who is willing to entertain a communal table full of people with good food.
  • Diners who are just interested in food and appreciate casual, non-restaurant setting.
  • An undisclosed location to host the above two.

So far as I know, this phenomenon is nothing new elsewhere – I am glad it’s coming to Vancouver. However, it became really popular when the HST was announced last year, so I wonder if this has anything to do with that. The Vancouver Coastal Health is not a fan – it wants to inspect them. I think the diners should make the call on this… after all, what’s the difference between this and a dinner party (outside the monetary incentive)?

Yours truly had a dinner with the fellow blogging group, hosted by the chef/owner from NFA (No Fixed Address). The normal price is (more…)

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(Editor’s note: A joint post by Joyce and Frank. Enjoy!)

With the Olympics backdrop, many events are held in Vancouver to take advantage of that. We had the pleasure to go to an event that showcased the food and wines from Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast. The event was by invitations only. Having the privilege to receive the invitations (as media) was a compliment to the website as well as to anyone who follows us. A few other fellow food bloggers were there too.

The event itself was held at Robson Square. (Joyce: We got to check out the digital gateway at BC Showcase which is currently not accessible to the general public. That was fun!) The Le-La-La Dancers opened for the event. Also mayors and various regional destination marketing organizations were there to promote their municipalities. Food wise, it featured (more…)

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There are way too many restaurants that I would like to try, but my brain is only so big to remember them all. This list is both for me and for you dear readers. I would like to share it with you along with my first impression of the restaurants. My view is obviously a biased one. I like restaurant that has an edge and a personality. I appreciate classic dishes that are done right and creative dishes that actually make sense. I will periodically update the list. Enjoy!

Cafe Barcelona

(Tasted) Serves traditional Spanish tapas dishes; good for snacks and drinks (more…)

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