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Smoking cigars, off-roading, shooting, and bear wrestling are just some of the incredibly manly things I do. However, scotch drinker I’m not.

When I was invited to a scotch tasting dinner by the good folks from The Macallan, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. How could I say no to James Bond’s scotch of choice?

They brought down four of their whiskys from their 1824 Series, and paired them with 9 courses at Kirin Downtown, a Chinese New Year themed dinner with fairly traditional banquet style dishes.

The Macallan 1824 Series Scotch Whisky

The Macallan 1824 Series is what’s called a “no age statement” whisky. Instead of differentiating based on age, such as 8, 10, or 12 year-old whiskys, they are selected and differentiated by their taste profile.

Out of the four, Gold is the most affordable choice. Dan Volway, The Macallan’s brand ambassador, called it his 3PM whiskey. I too like a job where I’m having a scotch at 3PM. Perhaps I should rethink my career choices.

Dan Volway, Brand Ambassador

The first pairing was actually a cocktail made with the Macallan Gold, the Firecracker. It was made with 1.5oz of the Gold, 3 tangerine wedges (or 0.25oz of tangerine juice), 2 dash of rhubarb bitters, and 2oz of ginger beer. It had a great citrus flavour, along with a bit of spice from the ginger. This was paired with a classic Chinese cold meat platter with excellent crispy roasted pork (though I’d imagine it’s better when hot). Despite being quite strong, this was a very easy drinking cocktail with a nice balance of citrus, sweet, spice, and bitterness, which was also why it paired well with the meat.

Kirin Special Platter with Roasted Pork

The Macallan Gold itself was paired with another classic Chinese New Year dish, braised dried scallop, dried oysters, with mushrooms, black moss and garlic. (more…)


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There’s a direct correlation between how cold and wet the weather gets, and my craving for warm and rich food. I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel that way.

After a short hike on a chilly Saturday morning, we popped into Burgoo in North Vancouver for a late lunch.

We were a little tired, a little cold, and very hungry. It was well past lunch time.

The décor was much more modern and welcoming than their Main Street location.

We got to eating pretty quickly.

What Went In

I went with the Eggs Burgoo. It’s got three scrambled eggs, served on top of oven baked Kentucky Burgoo (slow cooked lamb, beef, and smoked ham with lima beans, corn, molasses, tomato and okra), biscuits, and melted cheddar.

Eggs Burgoo

This gloriously rich dish is a mind numbing explosion of flavours. (more…)

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Joyce and I were lucky enough to be a part of Lincoln Canada’s Blogger Date Night experience, where we were treated out to have dinner at a restaurant of our choice, and given a 2013 Lincoln MKZ to drive for a couple days. I’m a big fan of the new Ford products, and was quite excited to have the opportunity to test this car. Here are my thoughts.

[Click here to read what Joyce says about this experience]

Prequel: the Food

Miku Restaurant was overall a positive experience. The service is impeccable. The food is a little more tricky. We were lucky enough to try a number of different things on the menu, and as with most restaurants, there were dishes that oozed flavour and made me want more and more, and there were dishes that left me with a couple nods and a shrug. You can’t go wrong with their aburi and aburi oshi sushi; they are all good. The mussels with pork belly is another winner. Go with the seafood (obviously), and go with their popular dishes, and you will have a great time.

Aburi Saba Oshi Sushi

Since Joyce covered the food in great detail, so let me jump into the car, and tell you a bit about the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.

Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln MKZ was first introduced as the Lincoln Zephyr, named after an entry level Lincoln from the old days. MK = Mark, Z = Zephyr.

Without going into too much detail, you should know that MKZ shares its platform with the Ford Fusion, which in turn was derived from the Mazda 6. (more…)

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And we’re continuing from Part 1 of this recap

Stuff that piqued my interest and tasted great

SEVA Maple Water

I’ve never heard of maple water prior to this. It’s basically treated maple sap, which is what maple syrup is made from. You can think of it as diluted syrup, to the point where you barely taste the sweetness.

SEVA Maple Water

SEVA Maple Water

It’s being marketed as an alternative to sports drinks and coconut water, and I can see the appeal. It tasted quite light and refreshing, but still made a little dance on my taste buds.

Cheese from the Village Cheese Company

What used to be the site of the Armstrong Cheese Company, Village Cheese Company now produces small batched “artisan cheese”. The difference in taste and texture was significantly better than most of the commercially available stuff I’ve tried. (more…)

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A few weeks ago, Joyce and I were invited to attend the Grocery Showcase West show. It’s a trade show that features new grocery products and equipment to retailers. You can think of it as the EAT! Vancouver for businesses.

So I’d like to take a moment, just sit right here, and tell you about what I liked (and didn’t like) at the Grocery Showcase West.

Stuff that piqued my interest and tasted great

Trugs Gourmet Vodka Tomato Ketchup

The good folks at Schneiders served everyone hot dogs. Condiment makers from the show saw this as a great opportunity to feature their products, and so they did. Among them was the Vodka Tomato Ketchup from Trugs. And holy crap it’s good.

Trugs Gourmet Vodka Tomato Ketchup

Trugs Gourmet Vodka Tomato Ketchup

Even though Vodka is tasteless, cooking the tomatoes with it apparently releases more of the tomato flavours. I don’t know too much about the science behind it, but I do know it was one of the most fresh/flavourful ketchup I’ve ever had. I walked around the entire show just to find their booth.

Spinach and Roasted Garlic Wheat Thins

All I can say is, bye bye Veggie Thins, these babies are better in every way. (more…)

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