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West Oak recently celebrated its 5th anniversary in the Yaletown neighbourhood. As a follow-up, Areta, Alice (Double A!) and I were invited to a hosted dinner at the restaurant. I’ve been here a couple of times beforehand, one of which was an evening out with a few of my girlfriends a few years ago.

Disclosure: This meal was provided to me complimentary of the restaurant. However, the views and opinions are my own.


We got a sneak peek of some of their new cocktails (from left):

New Cocktails at West Oak

The Aperol Spritzer Mimosa is their new take on the classic brunch cocktail. This is available only during brunch, but the restaurant made one for us to try. Aperol, prosecco, fresh juice (orange, grapefruit, etc.) — it was juicy, citrusy, fizzy, refreshing. Great for a patio brunch. There’s no reason a mimosa fan wouldn’t enjoy this.

Tiffany Blue could become a local IG sensation. The Ciroc Apple came through and gave it some tartness, almost face puckering. You can really taste the apple here. The addition of edible silver makes it sparkle like a precious piece of jewelry.

Tiffany Blue

The last cocktail, at the time this was written, hasn’t been named. It just had a nickname “Green Thumb“. It had gin, elderflower liquer, basil, cucumber. It reminded me a bit of mojito – it’s light and crisp, and herbaceous.

Then, we dove into dinner, with a couple of appies to share. (more…)


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With invitation from VANEATS.ca, we checked out La Rocca, specifically its Viva La Rocca package. The package is a four-course dinner for two. Naturally, I extended the invitation to Mr. to be my guest.


Keep in mind that this is a special package so these dishes are not necessarily available on its regular menu, and even so, the portion size may vary. But this should be a good indication of the food quality at this restaurant.

Bada Bing

Bada Bing

Before dinner began, I couldn’t help but ordered myself a Bada Bing cocktail. If you know Mr.‘s real identity, you’d understand why. It’s not too bad for a girly drink. It’s quite light, and squeezing some juice out of the lime wedge helped bring out the flavours.

In addition to the 4-course meal, we received a small plate of Caesar Salad to try. The dressing was done right, you can taste the anchovies. It’s drizzled on top instead of a tossed salad, which I like because the lettuce and croutons would remain crunchy. We did point out that the croutons should be bigger and the chef assured that he usually uses bigger croutons for the salad.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Now onto the package. First course, Prosciutto Marinato e Arancia, marinated prosciutto. For us this is a new way of enjoying prosciutto as we tend to eat it on its own, or wrap around cantaloupe slices or grilled asparagus. (more…)

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(Editor’s note: This is Lisa’s debut post on VanFoodies.com. Enjoy!)

To the followers of VanFoodies, I am a new contributor to the blog. Hope you enjoy my future posts!

It was a sunny day, a day where I burnt my arm and worsened my Tom’s (shoes)  tan by sitting at a tiny sandwich shop at the corner of Pender and Homer. The interior is stuffy almost on hot days, but that doesn’t stop customers from piling into the shop.

The inside of the shop is old. Tables and chairs are fairly dated, maybe picked up from garage sales or vintage stores, glass jugs sitting at the counter with cucumber or lemon water, random ancient books in the corners gathering dust. As soon as you walk in, you look up at their menu, which consists of several chalk boards of chicken scratch handwriting of their different sandwiches, teas, cheese plate, etc. If you look to the side wall, there’s some peeling paint which may possibly explode moths out the wall any second. Beware.

This is one of my friends' sandwiches, the baked brie and pear.

There’s a charm to the place, like an old vintage store. (more…)

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