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I like stone fruits: peaches, plums, cherries and mangoes. What are stone fruits, you ask? Also called drupes, they are fruit that have a large stone, often mistaken as seed, inside. Think about what a peach looks like when you cut it open, or a plum, or even a cherry. What we usually call a pit is actually the stone, and the seed is inside the stone. I love the juicy flesh of stone fruits and they are so good, and so sweet, just on their own. However, I’m always curious about finding savoury ways to enjoy them. And now, I have one idea.

Did you know:
…plums are a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as several antioxidants?
…there are only 46 calories in a 100g serving of plums?

Recently I got my hands on some Chilean pluots. Pluot is a hybrid fruit, part plum and part apricot. It’s nicknamed “Dinosaur Eggs” in Chinese because of its spotted skin. The fruit is in a beautiful red colour. I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich with them. Now I don’t think plum and cheddar, the typical choice of cheese for grilled cheese, go together, so I’ve substituted it with brie. And to elevate it, I opted for sourdough for a chewy texture and some tang in flavours.

Fun fact: Chilean plum season is from mid-November until April, which is the opposite of local fruit season in BC.

The beauty of a grilled cheese is that you can build it in however way you want, so I’m only providing a guideline here in terms of ingredients.


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Thanks to the team at VANEATS, we were onto another food adventure. This time a 3-item salivEight dining pass at eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge.

VANEATS package at eight 1/2 Restaurant & Lounge

VANEATS package at eight 1/2 Restaurant & Lounge


Now, keep in mind that our dining pass was complimentary, courtesy of VANEATS. You will receive the same three items for $15.

To start, we had a Flight of Beer. Originally we were supposed to get two each of two types of Stanley Park Brewery beers, but they sold out one of them, so instead, we got R&B Brewing’s East Side Bitter and Stanley Park’s Winter Ale (Brun). I usually prefer lighter beer, and the East Side Bitter has a nice citrusy note, but in this case I actually liked the Stanley Park Brun more. It has just the right amount of hoppy taste in it.

Flight of Beer

Flight of Beer – 2x R&B Brewing’s East Side Bitter (left) and 2x Stanley Park Brewery Winter Ale

You have a choice of three starters, and we chose the Baked Brie. I love brie; like it cold when eating with some crackers and genoa salami, and love it warm when the gooey cheese oozes out of the rind. (more…)

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(Editor’s note: This is Lisa’s debut post on VanFoodies.com. Enjoy!)

To the followers of VanFoodies, I am a new contributor to the blog. Hope you enjoy my future posts!

It was a sunny day, a day where I burnt my arm and worsened my Tom’s (shoes)  tan by sitting at a tiny sandwich shop at the corner of Pender and Homer. The interior is stuffy almost on hot days, but that doesn’t stop customers from piling into the shop.

The inside of the shop is old. Tables and chairs are fairly dated, maybe picked up from garage sales or vintage stores, glass jugs sitting at the counter with cucumber or lemon water, random ancient books in the corners gathering dust. As soon as you walk in, you look up at their menu, which consists of several chalk boards of chicken scratch handwriting of their different sandwiches, teas, cheese plate, etc. If you look to the side wall, there’s some peeling paint which may possibly explode moths out the wall any second. Beware.

This is one of my friends' sandwiches, the baked brie and pear.

There’s a charm to the place, like an old vintage store. (more…)

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