Last weekend I went to the 30th Annual Wellness Show in Vancouver. My intention was to discover interesting, tasty food products that are also good for our bodies. And I wasn’t disappointed. In no particular order, here are 7 food products that I sampled and enjoyed, and would recommend you all to give it a try. They should be available at local health- and wellness-forward grocery stores such as Nesters Market, Whole Foods and City Avenue Market, or online on their own websites.

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A new Japanese style cafe just arrived in Vancouver. Daigyo Cafe officially opens its doors on Robson Street on February 18, but the soft opening was on Feb 9. Here’s a quick look at the inside and some of its menu items.

According to the press release, you will “find a variety of sweet and savoury goods, such as Japanese coffee, Japanese pressed sandos, tea-infused desserts, beverages, and soft serve ice cream. Most notably, Daigyo specifically sources ceremonial-grade, premium organic matcha from Japan’s Shizuoka region.”

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Opening on Feb 2, one of Vancouver’s popular ramen shops Zubu makes its mark downtown on Hornby Street. The new restaurant is spacious and I have learned that it has 3 exclusive menu items that are not available at other Zubu locations. I was invited to a media preview and let me tell you more.


First of all, drinks. Their cocktail menu is quite unique, using Asian spirits as well as Asian flavours. We tried the Yuzu Cream and Suutsu Fashion and they were both delicious. Suutsu Fashion is their take on Old Fashioned, smokey and citrusy. Yuzu Cream was creamy and refreshing – and all flavours that I enjoy.

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Here are a couple of hot chocolates for kids or kids at heart! Kafka’s Coffee has two creations for the Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival and they are both quite fun.

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[Recipe] New York Sour

So over the holidays Mr. got into cocktail making and we’re looking up recipes online to try. The tricky thing is, we don’t have a lot of ingredients readily available and we also don’t want to stock up a lot of liqueurs, syrups or bitters and clog up the shelves. Then I was given this New York Sour recipe and with some modifications, it’s just the perfect drink for us to make at home.

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