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The final of my 3-part vacation is back to my hometown, Hong Kong. This trip was mainly to visit friends and family, so I knew that it’d be filled with yummy food.

Before we even got to HK my mom has been raving about this shaved ice place in Prince Edward (太子) – Sige Taiwanese Snowflakes 四哥台式雪花冰專門店. She went there the last time she was in HK and she just couldn’t forget how good it was. Now that piqued my interest and we had to go back for more.

Sige Taiwanese Snowflakes

Sige Taiwanese Snowflakes

Stores in HK don’t open early like ours do here (Tip: Do not expect to shop at 10am in HK. Malls aren’t open until at least 11:30am, or 12pm. Even later if it’s a small street boutique.). Sige was supposed to open at 3pm but by 3:15pm-ish, the store was still not ready for business. Not turning away businesses, we were welcomed to sit inside the store while they finished the final touches.


Looking at the menu made me drool. It’s full of pictures of different kinds of dessert, including various flavours of shaved ice and Chinese-style desserts.

Menu that makes you drool

Menu that makes you drool

With the three of us, and only a few hours before dinner, we ordered two shaved ice to share. (more…)

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My parents were just in HK for a couple of weeks, who happened to have spent this year’s Moon Festival (aka Mid-Autumn Festival) there. I usually provide them with a shopping list, but this time around, I’ve got only one item: Starbucks Mooncakes.

Yes, you read it right. Starbucks does sell mooncakes but they’re not available here. That’s why I had to make sure my parents would bring me back some. Sure enough, I got a box to try.

Nicely packaged Starbucks Mooncakes

Nicely packaged Starbucks Mooncakes

Origin of Mooncake

Do you know where mooncake came from? The popular version is that it was created by revolutionaries in the Yuan Dynasty, who hid secret letters/messages inside the mooncakes, and distributed them to plan a revolt to overthrow the Mongolian rulers, leading to the fall of Yuan and the rise of Ming Dynasty. Who would have thought that this tasty treat was originated from a political move! Alright, that’s my tidbit of the day. Enough history, let’s move on to tasting.

Tasting the Starbucks Mooncakes


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Aftermath of TVB’s “Heart of Greed” drama, we visited this prestigious restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui and be a highroller for once:

Menu 1:

Poached whelk

Shark’s fin with crab meat. The shark’s fin was huge!!

25-head abalone

It’s candied on the top. That means top quality abalone.

Braised sea cucumber and goose feet

House special fried rice.

Menu 2:

Shark’s fin with crab claws. The shark’s fin was not as big as the other one.

30-head abalone on the right. 25-head on the left. Can you see the difference?

Stuffed crab shell

Crispy chicken

Fried rice in lotus leaf.

Dessert 1 – same for both menus – bird’s nest in almond juice. Good for your skin.

Dessert 2 – same for both menus – sweet dim sums.

Bonus!! 5-head abalone on display specially for me!

Comparing to my hand – it costs HK$70,000 each. That’s CAN$10,000!

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