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I was quite excited when Mon Paris opened up in Burnaby. I was following them on Instagram and the cakes were just beautiful! I also love that it’s near the Metrotown Skytrain station, which means easy access from Coquitlam or downtown.

I took my mom there, who also loves some good pastries. We had the Passionata (left), Opera (right), and a Canele (back in the pic) over Espresso and Americano. I really liked the tartness of passion fruit and mango pieces in the Passionata; the Canele had a crispy, caramelized exterior and soft centre; and the Opera was rich and decadent. We were there for an afternoon pick-me-up and it just hit the spot!

Mon Paris Burnaby


Continuing with our #vanfoodiesturn8 celebration, now is your chance to try some goodies from Mon Paris. (more…)


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It was the final week of the Claude Monet Secret Garden exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I had no idea why it took me so long to finally check it out, but I made it! CC and I planned a fancy girls’ day out.

Claude Monet Secret Garden at Vancouver Art Gallery

Claude Monet at Vancouver Art Gallery

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit, witnessing the evolution of Monet’s work. In addition to the Water Lilies, my favourite pieces were Taking a Walk Near Argenteuill, Wisteria, and Weeping Willow.

Claude Monet Secret Garden at Vancouver Art Gallery

Claude Monet Secret Garden at Vancouver Art Gallery

Claude Monet Secret Garden at Vancouver Art GalleryClaude Monet Secret Garden at Vancouver Art Gallery

A pleasant surprise was Stephen Shore‘s photo exhibit in conversation with the Monet’s exhibit. (more…)

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A couple of weeks ago I managed to steal a couple hours of free time from CC, so we went for afternoon tea at Cakes n Sweets. It’s a small bakery tucked in the corner of a strip mall in Coquitlam. It’s my second time for afternoon tea there; first time, I took Mama Lam and we quite enjoyed it.

Cakes n Sweets


For $19.95 each person receives a selection of sandwiches, sweets, scones and a pot of tea.

High Tea at Cakes n Sweets

The Buttermilk Scones were freshly baked. The scones were flaky, slightly crumbly. They were still hot to the touch, so the devonshire cream kind of melted as I spread it on. (more…)

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We don’t venture out to Fraser Valley often, so when I had to take Mama Lam out to Langley for some wedding related activities, I decided to find some eats there. A deal voucher led us to having afternoon tea at Frosting Cupcakery.

Frosting Cupcakery


As with other afternoon tea experiences, we started with selecting a tea of our choice. They have a decent sized list, but unfortunately they were basic tea selection and were not very interesting. That being said, they have a really nice collection of tea pots. The two that we got, despite both being white in colour, were of different designs. They had simple, monotone design that reminded you of a bird nest and seashells.


When the tower arrived, we were quite surprised. One, it seemed like there was a lot of food; two, it’s not two of each kind. For savoury items they provided two of the same, but for the cupcakes, they actually gave us four different flavours — I thought that’s neat, so you could try more varieties, but the downside was, we had to split every cupcake so we could try all the flavours.

High Tea Tower

Here is the list of items on the tower: (more…)

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Last week Chocolate Arts launched a brand new, enhanced take on high tea – they call it the Haute Chocolate service. I was invited to try it out and my friend JX has joined me for some girly time. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to make reservations ahead of time, so it can be a spontaneous date with your favourite girl(s), or an afternoon chocolate break from a stroll around the city.

Haute Chocolate at Chocolate Arts


For $15.95, the Haute Chocolate service includes a carafe of hot chocolate along with 4-6 house-made chocolates, pastries, petits fours and pâte de fruits, as well as a small piece banana bread with butter and seasonal jam.

For hot chocolate, you have endless options. You can select its classic house blend of semisweet or bittersweet, or the spiced chocolate with chipotle, cardamom and cayenne, or you can go to its collection of chocolate chips, sample some of them and pick out your favourite. It’s not an easy choice. Here are a few that we’ve tried: Lactee Superieure (38%) gives you the rich milk chocolate flavour; Madirofolo (65%) has a good balance of semi-sweetness; Alto el Sol (65%) has a hint of banana because the beans are grown near banana trees; Araguani (72%) is a single-origin dark chocolate with a rather complex flavour, slightly sweet and fruity. In the end, I chose the Araguani for its fruitiness. The hot chocolate comes with whipped cream, or vanilla or raspberry marshmallows. If you chose neither, which I think is a silly thing to do, you will receive an extra piece of chocolate on your plate. OK, maybe it’s not so silly anymore.

Chocolate ChipsSampling Chocolate Chips

The next difficult decision is to choose one piece of chocolate from its display case to add to your plate. There were caramels, truffles, chocolate bonbons, and some seasonal offerings that they rotate every few months. I chose the Fleur de Sel Wafer.

Chocolate Display CaseChocolate Display Case


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We were invited to try the afternoon tea menu at Adorabelle Tea Room in Steveston. It’s been opened since 2012 and frankly we didn’t know about it until we received the invitation. It’s one of the heritage sites in Steveston, where it used to be the townhall for residents to get together. In modern days it was once a lawyer’s office, but it’s now in the hands of Adorabelle owner, Cathy, who has turned it into a cute, elegant tea room.

Adorabelle Tea HouseInside Adorabelle


Like any other afternoon tea rooms, each person receives a pot of tea. You get to choose from a unique selection of teas, and you will also be given the opportunity to smell them out of the tin before confirming your selection.

Tea selection

Then, a pot of hot tea is delivered to your table, with a cozy to keep it warm. I thought that’s a nice touch, and I haven’t seen it done anywhere else.

Rose napkinIndividul tea pot with cozy

The afternoon menu comes with the following items, and the menu may change depending on seasonality. Ours was holiday-themed.

Savoury: Bacon chive cupcake with savoury cream cheese icing, Asiago fennel biscuit, Egg salad pinwheel, Chicken Waldorf, Open-face cucumber, Smoked salmon dill cream.

The finger sandwiches were standard flavours, but I thought they did them beautifully (e.g. the open-face idea for the otherwise boring cucumber sandwich). (more…)

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With a coupon deal, Mama Lam and I arrived at this heritage house in Yaletown — Patisserie Fur Elise — for afternoon tea on a sunny Sunday afternoon. What a beautiful place – I bet it’s a popular photo spot!

Patisserie Fur Elise

Patisserie Fur Elise


They offer a standard menu for every guest. What makes them different is that they include a Chef’s Choice Starter prior to serving us the two-tier tea set. There is around a dozen of teas to choose from. I ordered the Latte Macchiato, which is a black tea with the taste of coffee and cream. It was pretty good, almost had a caramel flavour. Mama Lam chose China Rose. Although it’s a black tea, it was relatively light with a subtle taste of rose petals. Both teas were rather light on taste, but smell wonderfully.

Afternoon tea at Patisserie Fur Elise

Afternoon tea at Patisserie Fur Elise

I quite like the extra touch of giving each guest an hourglass and a strainer. The hourglass ran for about 3 minutes, the amount of time needed to steep the tea before serving. Then we poured the tea over the strainer to avoid tea leaves getting into our cup of tea.

Hourglass to tell when tea is ready

Hourglass to tell when tea is ready

Our Chef’s Choice Starter was the Orange Caramel Creme Brulee. (more…)

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