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With more and more food trucks added to the streets of Vancouver, some of them are now forming into what we call pods. For example, around the Vancouver Art Gallery there are 5-6 trucks on a regular basis. Recently a smaller-scaled pod has been formed near the intersection of West Georgia and Hamilton. It involved a trip on the skytrain and another 5-10 minute walk, but the 6 of us made our way to this pod to give Aussie Pie Guy a try.

Aussie Pie Guy

Aussie Pie Guy


As suggested by its name, Aussie Pie Guy specializes in pies, mostly savoury pies. I ordered the Aussie Pie, because, duh, that should be what started this all, right?! It’s supposed to a traditional Aussie pie with chunks of beef. Now, I have never been to Australia so I’m not going to question its authenticity. The pie crust was flaky and not very thick nor doughy. It was piping hot and steam just burst out as you cut through the crust. (more…)


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