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Would you agree that condiment sometimes is just as important as the dish itself? In fact, sometimes the condiment makes or breaks a dish. One day, Mama Lam whipped up this dipping sauce for some roasted pork jowl. It was so good, and I knew I had to share the recipe. It’s acidic, savoury, with a bit of heat. It’s surprisingly refreshing, and reminds me of Thai or Vietnamese flavours. All it takes is 8 simple ingredients that you likely have at home all the time.



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As we are all practising physical distancing, we are also cooking more at home. Even though Mama Lam does most of the cooking in my household, it’s still nice to offer her a break. And that would also help support local businesses to keep them afloat during this challenging time. Even though I’ve been mostly active in Vancouver and Richmond, I actually live in Coquitlam (I’m willing to travel for food!). Here is a round-up of my favourite places near Coquitlam Centre that are available for pick-up or delivery right now.


Click on image to view map

Personally, even though it’s a hassle, I prefer to call the restaurant directly to order, and pick up my food order. That way, the restaurants don’t have to pay the hefty fees that delivery companies charge. However, not all restaurants take orders via the phone because that may take away their time to focus on fulfilling the orders.

Since last week, there’s a campaign called Canada Take Out, which encourages Canadians to support local restaurants by ordering take outs. The official #TakeOutDay is every Wednesday, but don’t forget, your favourite restaurants need your support everyday.

Lastly, of course there are more options in the area than the list below. These are simply my favourite places to go. And if you have suggestions for me to try, let me know! (more…)

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Richard, organizer of Tasting Plates Vancouver, once again invited me to check out one of its events. Because it focused on Central Richmond, my new neighbourhood, so I was quite excited to see what the area has to offer.

Funny enough, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m more familiar with Vancouver restaurants, so Richmond is still new to me and I know there’s much to explore.

At this event, we checked out the following restaurants:

  • Harold’s Bistro & Bar (Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel)
  • The American Grille (Vancouver Airport Marriott)
  • CAVU Kitchen Bar (Hilton Vancouver Airport)
  • The Apron (Westin Wall Centre)
  • Thai House
  • Fresh Press Coffee

I’ve used Storify to document the photos that I took and shared throughout the event, plus some commentary about the food and overall experience. CAVU is brand new, just opened on July 7 to the public, so it was great to be able to check it out during its opening week. The interior is nice and modern; LW even commented that she would return for dinner and drinks with friends.

In addition, we found this new coffee house Fresh Press Coffee, being tucked away in a street mall waiting for you to find it. They hand-craft all the beverages, including pour over coffee. It makes a much better hang-out spot than chain coffee shops or bubble tea house. I see a lot of potential in this and I hope they will do well.

Overall, I was very impressed by the quality of food and service we received at each participating restaurant. Tasty food, attractive presentation. Not only that, a number of actually included drinks in their menu, which is not common for Tasting Plates. It definitely helps that most of them are hotel restaurants and they have the brand and reputation to live by. This was by far the most enjoyable Tasting Plates that I’ve attended. I have found a few new spots for dinner and gatherings!

Click on the image or link below to check out my story:


Tasting Plates Central Richmond

Tasting Plates Central Richmond

Tasting Plates Main Street Recap on Storify

Tasting Plates is a good way to explore new and long-standing restaurants in different neighbourhoods. Check out TastingPlatesYVR.com for upcoming events.

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A spa date brought CC and me to Davie Street. For dinner we decided to be spontaneous and picked whatever that caught our eyes. We ended up at the door of Thai Basil on Thurlow.


We started with a Thai Iced Tea each. It has the essence of the HK style milk tea but sweeter due to the use of condensed milk. It was quite good, had a good blend of tea flavours, thirst-quenching and surprisingly refreshing. But I felt like my blood sugar level went up just by drinking this.

Thai Iced Tea

Then we shared two entrees. The Tom Yum Noodle Soup builds on the classic Tom Yum soup base, but not as sour and spicy as I have had at other Thai restaurants. It used the same type of rice noodle as Pad Thai, so the texture remained al dente and not mushy. It was a big bowl of noodles, with a decent serving of shrimps. (more…)

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Last month we were invited to the 2nd Annual Tasting Plates Downtown Vancouver edition. This is a series of events put on by Richard Wolak of Vancouver Foodster. At this event, participants, with the help of an event map, self-guided around downtown Vancouver to try out nine restaurants in one evening.

Map that guides you through downtown

Map that guides you through downtown

Knowing that we couldn’t hit up all places, my friend JN and I had to strategize and plan our route. Of course, we started out at the kick-off spot, Vancouver Fan Club, with musician guest Gio Levy.

Live entertainment at Vancouver Fan Club

Live entertainment at Vancouver Fan Club

Our tasting plate included Barbeque Chicken Wings, Mac & Cheese, Pulled Pork, Barbeque Brisket & Chicken. (more…)

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