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December usually brings a lot of eating opportunities thanks to the celebration of Christmas and my birthday. As part of my birthday celebration, Mr. took me out for dinner. It was an interesting ride to the restaurant because I didn’t know where we were going. We were on the north shore, driving through a residential area, to the middle of no area. I seriously thought we were going to stop by this Chinese chop-suey restaurant along the way (well, maybe not, Mr. knows my taste). In the end, we arrived at the Arms Reach Bistro in Deep Cove.

Dinner at Arms Reach Bistro

Dinner at Arms Reach Bistro

It’s a gorgeous restaurant. It’s small but well decorated and gives you a cozy feeling. Immediately I liked this place. And the food made me like this place even more.


The daily special included a Trio of Tapas, which we shared as appetizers. The three tapas were Pork Tenderloin with golden beet & sweet corn salsa, Braised Calamari in a spicy, smoked tomato lobster broth, and Prosciutto-wrapped Jumbo Prawns with basil salsa verde. The pork tenderloin was tender and juicy, and the spice rub worked lovely with the sweet corn and golden beet salsa. The prosciutto-wrapped prawns were cooked nicely, although I think bacon would have made a better wrap than prosciutto. Prosciutto was too thin and didn’t have enough fat. The salsa verde also didn’t work as well as I had expected.

Tapas Trio

Tapas Trio – Braised calamari, Pork tenderloin, Prosciutto wrapped jumbo prawns

But wow, that braised calamari was to die for! (more…)


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