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Bacon: a gift from the gods to the common man. They are great on burgers, the perfect companion to eggs; they can be had on their own, or used to spice up an otherwise boring dish.

They usually come in 1lb packages, wrapped in paper and plastic, and sitting in their own juices. They are easy enough to cook, but I’ve wondered if there was a more “portable” package of bacon.

What went in

The universe presents to you, Bacon Spread.

The Bacon Spread is made by Skillet, a street food company located in Seattle, which apparently also makes processed products on the side. It’s made with real bacon, rendered down, cooked with seasoning for a few hours, and pureed.

Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

It comes in two flavours, Original, and Fennel and Black Pepper. (more…)

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