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On Monday, September 25, 11 professional barchefs and four apprentice bartenders competed at the 2017 MADE WITH LOVE Vancouver Regional Competition. The professionals were competing for a spot to represent the region at the Nationals next year.

2017 MADE WITH LOVE Vancouver Regionals2017 MADE WITH LOVE Vancouver Regionals

At the event, not only were the barchefs trying to win the judges’ heart, but they were also trying to impress every event guest. We were given two “dogtag” necklaces, to vote for our favourite barchef and apprentice bartender.

2017 MADE WITH LOVE Vancouver Regionals2017 MADE WITH LOVE Vancouver Regionals

We got to sample each cocktail, along with some canape pairings.



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Brice Peressini

Brice Peressini (Photo by Sebastian Chuffer)

Born in BC, Brice Peressini spent most of his life in Alberta. He came back a year ago to establish himself in beautiful Vancouver to pursue new challenges and seek new experiences. Bartending entered his life as a temporary situation, but he fell in love with the combination of social interaction and creative license. Brice is the ambassador for this year’s MADE WITH LOVE Competition and will work very soon for the new Parq Vancouver Casino. I had the opportunity to ask him about the bar scene in Vancouver.

What is the bar scene like in Vancouver?

We have some of the best and most innovative bartenders plying their trade right here in Vancouver and getting recognition internationally. We have fresh ingredients, innovative minds, sexy spaces, and fun environments. There is everything from craft beer brewpubs, to dark and sexy cocktail speakeasies. Truly something for everyone here.

What are some bars/lounges in Vancouver that you would suggest our readers to visit?

Depends on what they’re feeling in the mood for.


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