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Dine Out Vancouver 2012 is set for Jan 20-Feb 5, 2012 and is now open for reservations. In its 10th year, 230 restaurants are participating in this event, offering prix fixe menus at $18, $28 or $38.

While I understand this event is meant to be a filler to help restaurants through its down time (January is usually the slowest month due to post-Christmas blues), I have always hoped and expected restaurants to treat this as an opportunity to showcase and market themselves and bring their A-game. Not usually the case. In fact, I’ve heard many stories where restaurants completely flopped during Dine Out, but redeemed themselves afterwards on a separate visit. I don’t quite get why restaurants would want to ruin customers’ first impression on them if Dine Out were their first point of contact. Perhaps thinking people are being cheap to go the Dine Out route?

Grilled Alberta AAA Beef Striploin from La Terrazza

Grilled Alberta AAA Beef Striploin from La Terrazza

Anyway, I thought I’d round up some past Dine Out experience that we have had in recent years (2009-2011), good and bad. Maybe this will help your research as you try to determine which ones to try. Here’s the list in alphabetically order, but I also included its menu price: (more…)


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Up until recently, wine is something I only had during holidays and special occasions, and something I knew very little about. Of course, all that started to change with four consecutive wine tasting experiences within the last two months. For the first three tastings, I tried out wines from various BC wineries located in Langley and the Okanagan. Last week, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to participate in Wine Australia’s media tasting.

Buschlen Mowatt Galleries

It was my first time attending an event of this format, and I was very impressed. The tasting was held at the Buschlen Mowatt Galleries on West Georgia, with a self serving format. That means the over 70 types of wine, 7 types of food pairings (since there was a lot more wine than food, I will refer to them as food pairings), and a whole lot of glasses are there ready for you the second you come through the door. It was hard to not go overboard: I had to keep reminding myself that I’m an adult, and moderation is a virtue. I think all in all I managed well. (more…)

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