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For my second post, I wanted to introduce a new, regular(ish) segment. One of the great things about craft beer is the multitude of brews suitable of cellaring. A space that has traditionally been reserved for wines, more and more beers are being released that have the ability to age without going bad (assuming they are cellared properly).

As a fairly recent convert to the craft beer scene, I haven’t been able to build up a large trove of cellared beers just yet. But I’m working on it, and I thought it would be cool to share the results. Today I’m going to introduce two beers I’ve just added to my cellar, Vancouver Island’s Hermannator Ice Bock and Driftwood’s Lustrum Wild Sour Ale. I’m going to tell you what they taste like right now, and then at some unspecified point in the future I’m going to revisit them and see how they’ve changed! In the case of Hermannator, I have enough bottles to revisit it multiple times. I’ve spoken (tweeted, really) with Vancouver Island Brewery and they’ve confirmed that, in the right conditions, Hermannator can be be aged for upwards of 5 years!

Vancouver Island Hermannator Ice Bock

The great thing about Ice Bock (or Eisbock) as a style is the way it is made. (more…)


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