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To celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary, we went to Honey Salt at the Parq Vancouver for dinner. Since its opening, I’ve been seeing photos on Instagram and I’ve been curious about it. Finally our turn to check it out.

Honey Salt Vancouver

So it’s our first time at the restaurant AND the casino. Everything looks shiny new to us. The restaurant interior is quite cute. It reminded me of a modern cottage kitchen/nook, with cupboards and shelves, hanging lights, and a lot of white and green. I quite like the style.

Honey Salt Vancouver Honey Salt Vancouver


The four of us shared a few appetizers. First, the Tofino Fry. Fried calamari and side stripe shrimps on one plate. The batter was thin, outside was crunchy, and the meat was tender. The Japanese mayo dipping sauce had some subtle heat; in my opinion the heat could be dialed up a bit. What surprised me was the few slices of fried lemon. Perhaps the batter took away some of the acidity, so it wasn’t face-puckering sour. The citrus flavour worked well with the seafood.

Tofino Fry

The Crisped Bacon Brussels is listed under Sides, and it’s in small print, so make sure you don’t miss it.



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I don’t really consider myself a celebrity-chef chaser; if I am, I would’ve tried all famous restaurants in town already. And I haven’t, far from it. However, this time around I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to try ensemble Restaurant & Bar, owned by the winner of Top Chef Canada, Chef Dale MacKay.

I was particularly interested in trying Dale’s food because of my following of the TV show. It feels like you know all these chefs so well after watching them on TV for several weeks. haha. And I’ve been rooting for him, for a BC chef to win this thing. Surely he didn’t disappoint.

On a Friday night I checked out the restaurant with several coworkers. We got there at around 5:00pm and it was rather quiet, probably because people were just starting to get off work. The traffic sure picked up from there, since it was almost a full house when we left shortly after 7pm.


The menu concept is basically modern French-influenced small-plates. Even though the menu is presented in such a way that there are dishes reminiscent of appetizers and some of entrees, ultimately they are about the same size. So I started with a cold soup, something I don’t usually order. The Dungeness Crab with Spiced Melon Soup was quite refreshing. There was a generous serving of crab meat sitting on top of the soup, which was just slightly spiced – kinda reminds me of a melon smoothie. It’s a good mix of sweet and savouriness.

Dungeness Crab with Spiced Melon Soup

Dungeness Crab with Spiced Melon Soup

For my next dish I chose the Black Cod with Thai Broth. (more…)

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