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In continuation to my last post, here’s a few more places that we tried. Other than these ones we also tried sushi in New York (no, not Mr. Robato). It was awful, maybe because the fish quality in British Columbia is much higher, not sure. Also tried this supposedly “Vietnamese” restaurant, but for some reason it had a strange variety of items on their menu including various Chinese, Thai, and other dishes. Will not bother to review those thoroughly.

The one and only serious street food we did try during our visit was the Halal Guys. This was located about a block away from the Moma Museum (definitely worth checking out, not just because I was a visual arts student) and had a huge line up. When we first walked by the stand to go to the museum, my mouth started salivating at the scent of the food. I couldn’t wait to try it.

Serious street food goodness.

The menu was simple, each option came with a bit of a lettuce salad, rice, and the choices were either chicken, lamb, or chicken AND lamb. We picked chicken AND lamb. The entire box of food was only $6 (I can see why people are getting bigger now..) and we shared it between us, which actually kept us full for a good 4-6 hours.

We did what everyone else did, squirt a good amount of tzatziki sauce all over. The chicken was a little dry, but had some amazing spices on there, making it a little smoky. I don’t eat lamb, but my friend said it was way better than the chicken. The salad was just lettuce, so nothing much there. The rice was delicious, but so incredibly fatty and greasy. I think they used some type of long grain rice, with the same sort of texture as basmalti rice – I could be wrong though, so don’t quote me on that. That was probably one of the most satisfying meals I had in New York, sitting on the edge of a ledge in the midst of a block full of skyscrapers. (more…)


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