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There’s certainly no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver, with the majority of them offering mostly Pho on the menu. As delicious as I think pho is, it’s nice to change things up a bit from time to time.


Located on Main and King Edward, but originally from a location on Cambie St. (which explains the name), Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant offers a wide menu selection that expands far beyond the typical varieties of pho. The dining space is fairly large with a number of tables and booths, and those who know me know how much I love booths. The inside is recently renovated, looking clean and fresh.

What went in

We were only there for a quick dinner, so we only ordered two dishes. We had the Hot Pot Chicken Rice Pilaf, which can be described as a Vietnamese style Bibimbap. A mixed rice dish is one of my childhood favourites. I just can’t say no to any variety of that, especially one that comes in a hot clay pot. Mixing all the ingredients together, adding my own hot sauce is all part of the fun. The end result was pretty good. The chicken mushroom stir fry was saucy, and so a perfect match for the rice.



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