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Because I take the Canada Line to work everyday, as I exit the Waterfront station I would see the banner sign of the Cannibal Cafe. It’s been a couple of months now and I’ve been expecting a somewhat more permanent fixture by this point. Nonetheless, when they’re selling a Groupon, I bought one to give it a try.


As we sat down, the menu cover said it’s soft opening, and the menu seemed to mirror what’s at the Commercial Drive location. I guess it’s not a temporary pop-up?

It was a Thursday evening and wings were on special for $5, so we ordered a pound of Cannibal Wings. They offer a few choices of flavour, and we went for the less typical Black Dragon wings. The Black Dragon is their version of a sweet & spicy sauce. I was expecting something like Thai chili sauce, but it had more heat to it. The wings were of decent size, crispy on the outside and moist inside. They weren’t heavily sauced but just enough to coat every bit of the wings. Flavours were really good. For $5 (originally $10.95), this was a very good deal.

Cannibal Wings

For our mains, of course we went for the burgers. I was bad; I was Bacon Bad. I mean, how can you not go for this burger?! Bacon & cheddar stuffed patty, applewood smoked bacon, Canadian cheddar, maple bacon bourbon jam, roasted garlic mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle — it has my name written all over it! The Bacon Bad burger was just as good as the description sounded.


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Over the course of the year, I’ve been traveling from country to country, but nothing’s better than home. During one of my smaller trips, the bf and I visited Salt Spring Island for the first time.

It’s a small place, a few hours could get around the entire island. A place where there’s no such thing as strangers, a place where it’s almost douchebag free. Magical, right? Didn’t think the food would be very impressive, but boy was I wrong.

We were walking around town with a map in hand when one of the locals asked if we were lost. He suggested a few places for food, but insisted that we check out the cafe. He said it was one of the locals favourites around here and that it’s different.

Walking along the harbour area, we saw it. It’s a place that’s guaranteed to make you smile. The cafe reminds me of something that’s taken out of a Disney movie, a little cafe that encircles a tree. There was a charming sign hanging from above the door, a few patio seats, and no matter what hour, is always at least half full.

Entrance to the cafe.

The server we had was attentive, was there when we needed anything, and prepared us with a stack of napkins for what we ordered. An order of cheese burger with a spinach salad and an order of the deluxe burger with a Caesar salad. While we were waiting, we took some more pictures from the inside of the cafe.

The tree. Most of the locals sat out on the patio area to bathe in the sunlight.

When the food came, I was just shocked by how good it looked and healthy. (more…)

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