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My job sometimes takes me to places, and when it does, I could be treated to some pretty cool experiences that I otherwise may not plan for myself. Last month I went to Campbell River for a conference, and we were taken to visit a local distillery.

The Shelter Point Distillery is BC’s only pot distilled single malt whisky distillery and the second one in Canada. Single malt whisky, as suggested by the name, means the whisky is only distilled at a single location and not blended with whisky from any other distillery. The whisky is produced from 100% malted barley.

Pot stills at Shelter Point Distillery

The pot stills at Shelter Point are hand made and shipped from Northern Scotland. They are are 18ft tall, 1/4 inch thick, and according to the staff, the use of copper (vs. stainless steel, aluminum, brass or other material) helps pull the sulfur from the product, which may otherwise taste bitter and not be as smooth.

Fermentation Tanks at Shelter Point Distillery

While the whisky is being aged in the American oak bourbon barrels, Shelter Point is also producing some single malt, triple distilled vodka. (more…)


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I have to say, at first I cringed at the thought of having Chinese food in Campbell River. My previous experiences with small town Chinese food had been terrible. Short of making a sweet and sour pork burger, many of these places have bastardized Chinese food to a point where you can’t even recognize them anymore.

With subtle signage and a name far from Golden Dragon Happy Panda Wok, Beijing House gave me a sliver of hope, that a Chinese restaurant in a small town may have redeeming qualities. Will my hopes and dreams be fulfilled? Or will my heart get broken once again? You’ll have to read on to find out.

Chapter 1 – Through the door

The décor was heavily accented with red. A few pieces of Chinese art dotted the walls, along with pictures of their dishes. It’s clean, it’s relatively simple, and it’s pleasing to the eye. First impression wise, Beijing House did well.



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