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A few weeks ago, Joyce and I were invited to attend the Grocery Showcase West show. It’s a trade show that features new grocery products and equipment to retailers. You can think of it as the EAT! Vancouver for businesses.

So I’d like to take a moment, just sit right here, and tell you about what I liked (and didn’t like) at the Grocery Showcase West.

Stuff that piqued my interest and tasted great

Trugs Gourmet Vodka Tomato Ketchup

The good folks at Schneiders served everyone hot dogs. Condiment makers from the show saw this as a great opportunity to feature their products, and so they did. Among them was the Vodka Tomato Ketchup from Trugs. And holy crap it’s good.

Trugs Gourmet Vodka Tomato Ketchup

Trugs Gourmet Vodka Tomato Ketchup

Even though Vodka is tasteless, cooking the tomatoes with it apparently releases more of the tomato flavours. I don’t know too much about the science behind it, but I do know it was one of the most fresh/flavourful ketchup I’ve ever had. I walked around the entire show just to find their booth.

Spinach and Roasted Garlic Wheat Thins

All I can say is, bye bye Veggie Thins, these babies are better in every way. (more…)

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