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I’ve always been intrigued by Cartems’s donuts, since its pop-up days. I like the various types of donut, their different texture and the featuring of seasonal flavours.

For the Christmas season, they introduced a few new flavours and on this one day where I was craving some donuts, I picked up half a dozen Cartems donuts.

Half a dozen Cartems donuts


Candy Cane – Suggested by the name, I was expecting mint flavour in this donut; instead, the sweetness from the jam-like red stripes was the most prominent. It’s subtle and there’s nothing extravagant, but I quite enjoyed the simplicity of this.

Candy Cane

Mulled Wine Glaze on Vanilla Cake Dough – I really liked the cakey donut texture and glad that it wasn’t overly sweet. I could taste the spices in the mulled wine glaze, but it’s not evenly distributed so that was missed at certain bite.

Mulled Wine Glaze on Vanilla Cake Dough

Way After Eight – This was my favourite of the box. (more…)


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