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I was invited to an exclusive chocolate tasting event at Koko Monk, among 10 other food media/bloggers. Koko Monk is the new retail shop for what you may previously know as Levni Chocolates that had been at five Vancouver farmer’s markets since 2010.

Chocolate Tasting at Koko Monk

Chocolate Tasting at Koko Monk

The event was set up like a wine tasting, with chocolates placed in a pre-determined order. In fact, the chocolates progressed like wine, from lighter flavours to a stronger, punchier finish. The best part is that it was a blind tasting, meaning we didn’t know what we were eating until we took our first bite, made a guess at ingredients that were used in each chocolate, then owner/chocolatier Paul would reveal the “correct answer”.

By the way, according to Paul, you’re not supposed to chew on the chocolate after you took a bite. Let it sit inside your mouth and let it melt away. Use your taste buds to sense all the different flavours/ingredients. (more…)

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We were invited to an event at CocoaNymph, which was a benefit for the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

As we approached Cocoa Nymph, you could clearly tell that’s where everyone was – all the windows were steamed up, flurries of body movement. Unfortunately, we came a little later and missed some of the beginning performances, but the ones we did manage to hear was beautiful.


I got a chance to meet and chat with the chocolatier’s partner who also happened to be the bartender for the event. He graciously allowed us to go behind the counters to get some snapshots of their chocolate samples.


I think my favourite of the three we got to try was this one, they call it the Liz. Yes, I’m one of those people who like white chocolate and get made fun of. (more…)

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