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In addition to the traditional prix fixe menu offered by restaurants in Vancouver, the Dine Out Vancouver organizer also put together a number of culinary events, including the popular Street Food City. Returning for its second year, a dozen or so food trucks gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery, allowing food truck enthusiasts to experience street food all in one spot!

So I made it over to the Vancouver Art Gallery with my colleagues. Of the list of participating food trucks, some I have already tried, some I’m not particularly interested in. I had my eyes set on the Kaboom Box and that’s exactly where I headed.

The Kaboom Box

The Kaboom Box


Some food carts had a special DOV creation on their menu, not for the Kaboom Box. Of its regular menu, I was choosing between the Hot Smoked Salmon Sandwich and the Venison Burger. In the end, I ordered the Hot Smoked Salmon Sandwich because it claims to be “world famous” and appears to be the most popular menu item.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’m not really a salmon burger person. (more…)


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Vancouver has a pretty limited number of BBQ restaurants. Memphis Blues is the most well known, if not the only chain. After my disappointing experience with the Hog Shack, I was looking forward to another BBQ house.

I’ve had a couple experiences with Memphis Blues in the past, and they have been positive. But seeing as this is the biggest platter I’ve ever tried there, I’d give it a short, but proper review.

What went in

The Elvis Platter: appropriately named as it was what turned Elvis fat, possibly. This large platter contains a good portion of every meat they have, which includes ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, smoked sausage, and rib ends. On top of that, they are served with corn bread, fries, beans, and coleslaw.

Elvis Platter

Elvis Platter – Every kind of meat plus all the fixin’s. Even more meat than the Memphis Feast!!

Let’s start with what I liked. (more…)

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