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Famoso has always been on our list of authenticity when it comes to Neapolitan pizzas. Some may find its dough too soft or soggy but that was the texture of the Neapolitan pizzas we had in Naples, the birth place of this pizza variety. When Famoso recently launched new menu items, we gladly accepted the invitation to give them a try.


Before we got to the new items, we ordered the Polpette al Forno (Spiced Pork Meatballs) to start. They were meaty and juicy, not much filler, and the meatballs held together really well. What made this addictive was the tomato sauce. It was the same sauce you would find in the Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls; it tasted fresh, tomatoey (if there is such a word) and we really liked the acidity in the tomatoes.

Polpette al Forno

Then, we took our first bites of the new items. The Korean BBQ Pork Pizza could be deceiving. At first we found it a bit sweet from the BBQ sauce and hoisin sauce, then bam! the heat finally hit you and now it’s a fine balance of sweet and spicy. It didn’t look like a lot of meat in the toppings either, but turned out to be just right. If you like Asian food, you will enjoy this Asian twist to an Italian classic.

Korean BBQ Pork Pizza

The Paesano Fire Bread Sandwich (Pulled Pork Sandwich) is different from most others. (more…)


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Peter is back for another guest post! If you don’t remember him, he’s a friend of mine from Toronto. I met him while he’s working in Vancouver, but he’s moved back home since. Recently he returned for a short visit, and made around town for some sushi:

Now that I no longer live on the West Coast, people always ask me what the number one thing is that I miss about Vancouver. And my answer is always: sushi!

So when I returned to Vancouver for a week-long visit this summer, naturally I spent a great deal of time hitting up all my favourite sushi spots.

Sushi King House

First stop on the tour was Sushi King House in the Granville-Marpole area. This was a favourite years ago, and due to its proximity to our hotel, it was a great choice for our first meal of the day. As the name may suggest, Sushi King’s claim to fame is its larger-than-average nigiri (had to eat it in two-bites!), maki, and cones. The must-order here is the chopped scallop (roll or cone). Definitely one of my favourite rolls, and this was the best I’ve had all week – cold, crisp, clean-tasting scallops lightly dressed with mayo and tobiko. And the rice was perfect too. Sushi King is also one of my favourite places to order toro. Beautiful slices of albacore tuna belly. Melt in your mouth, and very clean tasting. The first bite instantly had me contemplating a move back to Vancouver. This is an extremely casual, little gem of a restaurant. And the friendly service will keep you coming back – our server still recognized us (after four years!) and asked us why we haven’t been back in so long. We returned two more times that week!

Sushi King House

8176 Granville Street, Vancouver

Sushi King House on Urbanspoon

Bay Sushi Cafe

Later that afternoon we headed downtown to Bay Sushi Cafe. Known as “Sushi Bay” to its many regulars, this is a busy, casual, lunch-time spot located on Seymour Street, directly across from Hudson’s Bay. The winner here is the spicy tuna roll – made with avocado, a small amount of tenkasu (tempura bits), and I swear I tasted a hint of gochujang (Korean chili paste) in the mix. It’s by far my favourite spicy tuna in the city. The chopped scallop is also great here, and their salmon and tuna nigiri are consistently good. Mainly a lunch-time spot, Bay Sushi Cafe closes early at 7pm each day and is closed on Sundays. (And yes, we returned just before closing that night to get a second round of sushi to go!)

Bay Sushi Cafe

678 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Bay Sushi Cafe on Urbanspoon

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen & Sushi Bar

This was a new one for me. Having never been to Commercial Drive, my friend offered to take me to his favourite (and what looks to be the busiest) sushi place on the Drive. We headed out for lunch on the day of the World Cup final, and despite the lack of a TV, Kishimoto was packed. (more…)

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Remember going to Famoso for the event featuring world acclaimed pizza chef Roberto Caporuscio from New York City and truly enjoyed the pizzas, I purchased a deal voucher to re-visit Famoso. I wanted to see if their pizzas taste just as good without the live guidance of chef Caporuscio.

I wanted to do it now also because of our recent trip to Naples, where we had the authentic Neapolitan pizzas from L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, a local pizzeria that has been around since 1870. It was nice and hot; the dough was light yet chewy, toppings were fresh. It was so good we’re still re-living the moments 6 months later.

L'Antica Pizzeria da MichelePizza oven at L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Margherita from L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele


Enters Famoso, and an encore of the Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls again because we really liked them the last time. And they were just as good as I remembered! The tomato sauce was flavourful, savoury yet not acidic. The fior-di-latte was rich, creamy and gooey; combined with the prosciutto slice this just tasted wonderfully with the tomato sauce.

Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls

We ordered two pizzas. First, the Funghi. (more…)

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My final Dine Out this year was at Merchants Oyster Bar on Commercial Drive. What caught my eyes was its decision to offer 3 savoury courses instead of the traditional 2 savoury + dessert combination. Mr. and I had a double date with NS and RD.

Merchants Oyster Bar


When we got there, we realized they were offering more than what was posted on the DOV website. In addition to the 3-savoury course option, we could also choose 2 savoury + dessert or 3 savoury + dessert for a different price. There were also more choices for each course for an additional cost. This is actually how they run the restaurant on a day-to-day basis, except it’s usually a daily fresh sheet based on the availability of various ingredients. After much consideration, we stayed with 3 savoury courses but have gone for the new items.

Shucking Oysters

For appetizers the four of us each chose something different. My Clam Chowder, which cost an extra $2, was thinner than most other clam chowders I’ve had. It’s not as rich, but in a way I appreciated this preparation. It tasted healthier and fresher with crunchy celery and potato pieces; of course, they had to balance it out with some bacon strips.

Clam Chowder

Mr.‘s Baked Oysters was basically fresh oysters based with some truffle cream on top. (more…)

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Thanks to the folks at Popcorn, we were offered the opportunity to try La Mezcaleria, a Mexican restaurant brought to you by the brains behind La Taqueria. It is supposed to be the first Mexican restaurant that offers Mezcal, tequila and cocktails from different regions of Mexico.

La Mezcaleria


With our menu tasting, we sampled a ceviche, two entrees, and a dessert. Of the ceviche options, we chose Aguachile (literally means “chili water”). Ceviche is usually quite acidic due to the use of fresh lime juice, so one might think green apple would just make this over the top sour. Surprisingly the hint of sweetness in green apple, along with the high water content in cucumber made this ceviche more refreshing. And the use of chili added some heat to the dish, which gave this an extra layer of flavours. I liked the combination of scallop and tuna in this dish but found them a bit fishy. The highlight for me was probably the house-made tortilla chips. They were fresh, crunchy, and had the right thickness so they wouldn’t break on you. I could just eat them alone, a lot of them. Great for snacking – they would go so well with the guacamole too.


The Tostadas De Pato used duck confit, which I didn’t think was commonly found in Mexican dishes. (more…)

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We were invited by the VANEATS team to try its latest dining package, FalconettisFix, at Falconetti’s East Side Grill. Interestingly, this restaurant has been on my list thanks to another episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. What caught my attention wasn’t the sausage, but the bun (insert jokes here). The curvy bun that is made specially for Falconetti’s.

Falconetti's special curvy bun

Falconetti’s special curvy bun


This is a four-item package, which starts with two 4oz glasses of Blue Buck. It’s a pale ale — light, crisp with a slight hoppy finish. An easy-drinking beer that would be great for warmer weather.

Two 4oz glasses of Phillips Beer's Blue Buck

Two 4oz glasses of Phillips Beer’s Blue Buck

The next three items come together as a platter.

The platter

The platter

First, the Mini Poutine was not bad. (more…)

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I’ll have to be perfectly honest, despite being a long-time Surrey resident, I have had very little experience with South Asian food.

Unlike some folks out there, I can appreciate good food from a wide range of backgrounds, and this proved to be no different.


It wasn’t long ago that I thought double dating was lame and meant for old people…but here I am in my mid 20’s on a double date. On the plus side, because there were four of us, we were led to the “VIP area” in the back of the restaurant. They had a heavy-looking low-rise table, comfy sofas with lots of pillows, and plants surrounding the area. I felt pampered.

I really appreciate restaurants that make dining a special experience. Sure good food is the most important thing, but when you show your customers that you want them to have a good time and an unique experience, they will thank you for it. (Joyce: This was a complimentary dinner so that could be why we were seated in that area. However, I’m sure you can request for it when you dine there.)


What went in

The menu is very extensive, but well explained. Each item has a description below, very helpful for newbies like myself.

We start with the Wings From Hell. I’m not sure how traditional that is, but the hot sauce was very tasty (it’s more than just sauce, you can taste chunks of the aromatics in the sauce). The chicken was well fried so it still had a little crisp to it. We were given a choice of 1 to 5 from mild to hot. We picked 4 and frankly were a little disappointed. We had hoped for hotter; this was Indian food after all!

Wings from Hell

Then we proceeded with what was likely too much food for four people. We had a few orders of Tandoori Naan, Roti, Garlic Naan, and some rice. On top of that we ordered a Lamb Pasnda, Butter Chicken, Prawn Goan Curry, and Baigan Bhartha.

There’s nothing quite like fresh Naan; the garlic one won our hearts. The Roti tastes considerable healthier, and it is, made with whole wheat flour and water.

I think all curries should be served like this, bubbling slightly on a heated dish. (more…)

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