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For 3 weeks, I disappeared from Vancouver to go travel a little in Europe. We went from country to country, then flew back home.

This isn’t a review for particular restaurants, just some of the foods I took photos of.

In no particular order, we stopped in Copenhagen, Denmark. Or in their spelling, it’s something like Kobenhaven or something. It was a really long day, which included a ride through the canal area. While the others were shopping on Stroget Road, I sat down and enjoyed my chicken crepe which was surprisingly good.

Hunger... must stop for crepe! Why a crepe? 'Cause it was there. Don't worry, I bought some butter cookies of course!

In France, we had lunch on a boat going down the Seine River which went through a part of Paris. It was super warm in there, as it was sunny and the entire boat was covered in glass. The food was just alright, probably because it was so busy, but I enjoyed the wine… too much. I love my chardonnay though.

This was the boat we were on for lunch, went down the Seine River.

Wine tasting? Oh sure, I'll just have a sip..

And of course, I had to try a crepe. (more…)

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