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When Mr. and I went on a week-long road trip, ultimately reaching Crater Lake as our south-most point, we stopped at many cities in Washington and Oregon. We made a few trips to local grocery stores and whipped up some tasty bites in the hotel rooms, but we also checked out a number of eateries, including Beckie’s in Union Creek near Crater Lake.

Crater Lake

First of all, let me show you Crater Lake. This is a volcano crater turned lake, with water of this gorgeous deep blue hue. This is the deepest lake in the U.S. and is considered to be the cleanest large body of water in the world. We drove around the rim, spending a number of hours hiking and checking out the various viewpoints and taking in the mesmerizing 360 view of the lake. No wonder Travel Oregon names it one of the state’s seven wonders! If you haven’t been, add this to your list. It’s worth it!

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon


Back to the food. This was actually recommended by @pitstopsforkids on Twitter. It was right on our way from Shady Cove to Crater Lake, so we decided to make a stop.

Beckie's Cafe

Before we got to the pie, which is a must-have there, we ordered something more substantial first. To start, we became a kid again and got a Float to quench our thirst. (more…)

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We were invited by Tableau Bistro to a private party to kick off its first annual “Heads or Tails” Spot Prawn Party. I am a huge fan of spot prawns – I love that it’s meaty yet sweet. At the beginning of the season, we had spot prawns three-way at home: sashimi, steamed and baked heads, and I truly enjoyed it. Therefore I was quite excited to be going to this party.

When I arrived, the dining room was already bustling. Looking around, I saw various stations set up for self-serve dishes, while a few others items were being passed around by the serving staff. That’s quite a creative way to get the guests moving around the space.

Guests mingle over wines, cocktails and tasty spot prawns

Guests mingle over wines, cocktails and tasty spot prawns

There were a total of nine spot prawn preparations, and luckily I got to try them all. They were:

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Of everything, my favourites were: (more…)

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