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You all probably don’t know, but I actually live in the Tri-cities area. A girl in the suburb who dreams about living a life in the urban centre. haha. My posts usually focus on Vancouver but from time to time I might discover gems in my ‘hood. So the other day, Mr. and I checked out Crepe Delicious at Coquitlam Centre. I’ve walked by the store numerous times, but apparently they’ve been around for almost 2 years. No idea why it took me this long to give them a try!


The concept is pretty simple: crepes, savoury and sweet crepes. They also serve panini sandwiches but that only takes up a tiny corner of its menu.

We tried two savoury crepes and one sweet crepe. First up, the Garden Ham. It was pretty interesting because we saw how the staff cracked the egg on the crepe, so as she folded it, the cooked egg would be sandwiched between the crepe layers.

Cracked an egg on the crepe

Cracked an egg on the crepe

Frankly neither of the savoury crepes looks interesting on the outside, so let’s hope the filling tastes good.

Garden Ham

Garden Ham – Diced ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese & mayo

It was not bad, but to me, I found it rather light. (more…)


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