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To kick off the 30th Vancouver Home + Design Show, I was invited to a pop up dinner party on the show floor on opening night.

30th Anniversary of VHDS

Taking turn on the Vancouver Magazine Cooking Stage were local chefs who put together a great three-course dinner for the 20 or so of us. To start the dinner we received a glass of cocktail that was inspired by the new Samsung fridge that dispenses sparkling water. It had Alize, vodka and sparkling water.

Sparking Cocktail

By the way, at the event we also learned that Samsung has released a cooking range with an oven that can be split into two smaller ovens (with two different temperature settings) with a smart divider. It would probably cost you a fortune but I thought it was neat.

The three courses were:

A Taste of the East by Chef Curtis Luk of The Parker – chawanmushi, celeriac, pine mushroom broth, yaki onigiri. It’s great for the cold fall/winter weather. (more…)


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For those of you that don’t follow Top Chef Canada, Trevor Bird was a contestant on the show, and scored a second place finish in Season 2.

After the show ended filming he opened a new restaurant in Vancouver: Fable. It was at the space where it used to be Refuel. He was also able to recruit Top Chef Contestant Curtis Luk to work with him. In person Trevor is relaxed and laid back, and seems like an all around nice guy.


The concept of Fable is simple: thoughtfully prepared food with outstanding flavour, sourced from local purveyors in an accessible way. Wondering how it got its name? You take the word farm and the word table, mash it together, you’ve got Fable. I’m not kidding, that’s really how he came up with it while he’s competing in Top Chef Canada. As much as I want to make fun of it, I secretly wish I came up with it first.

A bunch of blogger type folks, family, and friends of the restaurant owners were invited to the Grand Opening night. The space isn’t very big and it was filled quickly. However they were smart to get rid of all the tables and chairs in the middle, leaving only a few seats off to the sides.


The layout of the place is fun. The open kitchen/bar is located right by the entrance, with a part of it set against the street side window. As you walk by, instead of seeing a bunch of yuppies eating, you will see chefs hustling to prepare a dish. I like it.

Kitchen and Bar

There was plenty of Spanish wine available. (more…)

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