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Mr. and I don’t usually eat in Surrey even though it’s his neighbourhood. One Sunday night we were too lazy to travel far for dinner so we dropped by this Korean restaurant in the Guildford area, DaSom Korean Restaurant.

DaSom Korean Restaurant

DaSom Korean Restaurant


I decided to stay away from my usual Tofu Soup but went for Sullang Tang. It’s basically a beef bone broth with potato noodles and sliced brisket. The broth was very light, but it had this milky colour that you know it had taken in all the good stuff from the beef bone. It’s interesting that the potato noodles do not absorb any flavours from the soup, so the noodles were a bit bland while the broth was quite tasty. The sliced brisket was ok, a bit dry for my liking. Overall this feels really homey and a healthy meal option.

Sullang Tang

Sullang Tang – Long simmered beef bone broth with sweet potato noodles and sliced brisket

Mr. went for the Stone Bowl Bibimbap. When it got to our table it looked very wet, too wet for a bibimbap. (more…)

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