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Last year when we went camping in Oliver, we checked out a number of wineries along the Black Sage Bench. But Oliver is the Wine Capital of Canada, of course they have more wineries to offer! So when we were in Osoyoos this summer, we headed north and stopped by the wineries along the Golden Mile Bench, another area known for its great wines.

Vineyards along Golden Mile Bench

Wines Along the Golden Mile Bench

Keep in mind that while we drink a fair share of wine through the years, but we don’t consider ourselves wine experts. This post is more to share our experience at each winery. We picked out ones that we know of, or ones with an interesting name, or simply made an impulse turn based on how the winery looks. We will tell you what we like and what we don’t like, from a personal preference standpoint.

Rustico Farm & Cellars

Laugh all you want, but the name of this winery just caught my attention. Rustico – there must be something rustic about this place. And boy, were we in for a pleasant surprise! The heritage house, the vineyards, the donkey brothers and the tasting room – this just has so much character.

Rustico Farm & CellarsRustico Farm & Cellars

We got inside the “Tasting Saloon” and felt the warm welcome from the staff, even though the space was packed! Their wines all some have cheeky names. Among the number of wines we tried, here is what we liked:

  • Farmer’s Daughter – A dry Gewurztraminer, citrusy and fragrant
  • Saloon Sally – A Cabernet Franc Rose, surprisingly fruit forward
  • Last Chance – A red blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Zweigelt, Blaufrankisch, Chancellor. Because they no longer plant the Chancellor, now is literally the last chance to purchase this wine.
  • Threesome – Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot blend. This has the body to pair with rich, saucy dishes, or just a nice piece of steak.

Winery website: rusticowinery.com

Rustico Farm & CellarsRustico Farm & Cellars

Road 13 Vineyards

I have tried Road 13’s wines a number of times. The most memorable was at the Vancouver Home + Design Show Pop-up Dinner last year. Therefore, I wanted to visit the winery and try a few more of their wines. As soon as we got there, we saw a castle at the end of Road 13 (yes, the street is called Road 13), overlooking a gorgeous view of the vineyard and beyond. If you are looking for a castle wedding, this is the place! (more…)


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After attending the Great Wine & Chocolate Dessert Challenge two weeks ago, we received invitations to two more Chocolate Festival 2010 events. Mr. and I attended both events this weekend, making it a chocolate trilogy. And here is Part 2 and Part 3 of the Chocolate Festival Saga.

Fort Wine Co Wines, Chocolate, and Desserts

This event took place on Friday at the historic Mackin House in Coquitlam. It’s a 100 year old heritage home showcasing the turn-of-the-century lifestyle. With the warm fireplace burning on a cold, rainy evening, the house provided the 20 attendees with an intimate setting for chocolate and wine tasting. Blodwyn and Ted from Fort Wine Co. hosted the event by enlightening the guests with the history of chocolate and fruit wine production.

Ted explains the fruit wine production

Ted explains the fruit wine production

The evening was followed by the pouring of five different wines from Fort Wine Co., including two table wines and three dessert wines. They were paired with three types of chocolate from Organic Fair on the Island.

Pick Me - Strawberry Table Wine with Forte, 83% Dark Chocolate

Pick Me - Strawberry Table Wine with Forte, 83% Dark Chocolate

Of everything we tried, we particularly enjoyed the Isle Queen, the port-style blackberry wine, and Finger Fruit, the raspberry dessert wine. (more…)

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