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Throughout history, there has been much discussion about what it means to be a man. There are many qualifiers, and they change overtime–not by a lot, but they do. Luckily, the world has guys like me to follow as examples.

When KFC’s Double Down Sandwich was first introduced in the US, I knew right away this delicious meat on meat on more meat sandwich will one day end up in my tummy. Call it man-stinct or what have you, I just knew.

While travelling through Washington, this day came. I started it like any other day, full of vigour and testosterone. However by the afternoon, I wasn’t feeling up to my usual self. So after I wrestled with a couple great whites, fought with a band of ninja pirates, and conquered a few local villages, I decided to call it a day and pickup a colonel’s Double Down for dinner.

As it turns out, that was my manliest experience of the day.

KFC's Double Down


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