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For the first time on VanFoodies.com, all three writers have joined forces to provide you with a full scope of the Dine Out dinner at Diva at the Met. None of us has ever been there before, but we have heard good things about the restaurant. Intrigued by all the praises it receives, despite the recent personnel change in the kitchen (Quang Dang replaced Dino Renaerts as the Executive Chef), I personally was hoping for a treat.


Let us each share our thoughts on the menu. We may have the same dishes but we certainly have different views on them.

Joyce: Roasted Beet and Potato Veloute + Braised Lamb Cheeks + Stilton Cheesecake

Being the black sheep at the table, I was the only one ordering the veloute. The Roasted Beet and Potato Veloute came in a saucer, of which the server poured into a bowl with the dill crème fraiche and croutons – I really liked this extra touch and reminded me of the Dine Out I had at C Restaurant a couple of years ago.

Pouring the Veloute

Pouring the Veloute

The soup was very creamy, with hints of sweetness from the beet, but not too rich. (more…)


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