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The Fish Shack, along with other members of the Glowbal Restaurant Group, extended their Dine Out menu for a week. With the full intent to try the Fish Shack’s DOVF menu, we ended up ordering off the regular menu, because, the Fishermen’s Catch was calling.

The Fish Shack


For the 4 of us, we created our own seafood feast here. First, a dozen of Kusshi Oysters, my favourite.

Kusshi oysters

Fresh oysters here come with 4 sauces: mignonette, cocktail sauce, yuzu and house-made hot sauce. With the exception of the hot sauce, they were all on the light side. Not necessarily a bad thing, since the light sauces added some flavour to the oysters without taking away the taste of the sea. Another good way to eat fresh oysters? Ketchup with a bit of Tabasco.

Sauces for fresh oysters

Then, we shared the Small Fishermen’s Catch. You need to order a minimum of two; even though an order of 4 would give us more to share, we wanted to try other things so two orders made more sense. And as expected, the amount of food was probably more appropriate for two people. It had a good amount of mussels, clams, calamari, prawns, 2 snow crab legs and half a dungeness crab, as well as corn and chorizo sausages. It definitely reminded us of Crab Pot, but the tools here were much more refined than the wooden mallet at Crab Pot.

Tools for the Fisherman's Catch

As the seafood boil arrived, the server helped toss some seasoning and butter into the seafood. The seasoning is quite light, so I would suggest to be slightly less conservative with the seasoning shake.

Adding the seasoning

Everything tasted fresh, with its natural sweetness. (more…)

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For a going-away party, Mr. and I went to St. Regis Bar and Grill near Pacific Centre. Because it’s connected to the hotel and judging by its exterior, I’ve always thought this is a high end bar; to my surprise, it’s just a fancier sports bar and the menu is quite reasonable. We were seated in the downstairs area, which is a huge open space for parties. In addition to the 12-15 of us, there was another group of 20+ guys. And there’s still tons of space left.


I ordered the Sirloin Beef Dip and paid an extra $1 for yam fries and chipotle mayo. The menu says garlic baguette but what I got was toasted brioche, soft and pillowy, not hard and crunchy like baguette. I don’t mind that since I’m a sucker for brioche bread. There was a decent amount of meat, pretty tender and had good flavour. What made this a tasty sandwich was the dipping jus. The bun and meat just sucked up all the flavours from the jus and then you just can’t help but keep eating it. The yam fries was crispy on the outside and sweet and soft inside. The chipotle mayo was rather oily so I opted for some ketchup instead. All this, was only for $13 (including the extra $1 for yam fries) – I say a pretty good deal.

Sirloin Beef Dip

Sirloin Beef Dip - Thinly shaved sirloin on garlic baguette with rich red wine au jus, served with yam fries and chipotle mayonnaise

Mr.‘s Halibut and Chips, on the other hand, was a hit and miss. We were already a bit skeptical about getting halibut because if it’s not done properly, it could be tough and dry. (more…)

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