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Back in August, Mahony & Sons celebrated the opening of its 3rd location at Stamps Landing, where Monk McQueen used to be. It’s such a beautiful location with fixture imported from Ireland and a gorgeous view of False Creek. When Dine Out kicked off, my girlfriends and I decided to have our next dinner together there.

Mahony & Sons Stamps Landing


Before we placed our food order, I got myself an Irish Rose. I completely forgot that I had it at the opening party until I saw the picture just now, but the description on the menu was just so appealing that I had to get one. It is actually really similar to a mojito, but it uses gin with a mix of lemonade. It was refreshing and fruity. Good girly drink, even better in the summer!

Irish Rose

Its Dine Out menu is only $18, serving some of its popular dishes. To start, we all ordered the Pacific Chowder. I had it at the opening party and really liked it, and this was no difference. It was rich and creamy, and was in no shortage of seafood. Every spoonful there were chunks of salmon and cod. You can tell they used some big prawns, and they were really good. Meat was still crunchy — I just wish they put in more of them. Fennel flavour was a bit subtle but overall a very good chowder.

Pacific Chowder

Then, I had the Mahi Mahi Taco. I was expecting a couple of small tacos, but arriving at our table was a cone-shaped tortilla wrap. (more…)


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Searching for an impromptu afternoon snack, TW, MP and I decided to check out Tacofino Blue. This food truck was originally from Tofino, and it has previously appeared on Eat St. on Food Network.

Tacofino Blue

Tacofino Blue

Believe it or not, Tacofino Blue is like 1 minute away from my office and until this date I have never been. I guess it’s the mentality of “well it’s so close I can always come by later”. Yes, a visit is over due.


Because we were only looking for a small snack, we each grabbed one Fish Taco. Here is a picture of what 2 fish tacos look like, since MP and I shared a plate:

Fish Taco

Fish Taco – Tempura battered ling cod with chipotle mayo, shredded cabbage and salsa fresca on a fire toasted flour tortilla.

For some reason when I heard “tempura battered” I have imagined it would be a different texture, but the fried ling cod reminds me of those in fish and chips. (more…)

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