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Giraffe, an interesting name for a restaurant. At first I thought it’s just a random name, but then I realized this waterfront restaurant in White Rock is in fact a giraffe-themed restaurant.

Giraffe Restaurant

Giraffe Restaurant

It was a gorgeous, sunny winter morning as we arrived at Giraffe. I was surprised how busy the place was, apparently so was the server, as he seemed a bit overwhelmed. The restaurant was extra busy because it’s close to the holiday season and people were meeting up at this place – which is a good sign. Finally we were seated at a table and immediately the cute, giraffe-shaped napkin holders caught my attention, then the various giraffe paintings on the wall, and several other giraffe-related decorations throughout the restaurant…

Giraffe-shaped Napkin Holders

Giraffe-shaped Napkin Holders

Anyway, onto food.


It was a classic brunch menu, with items such as Eggs Benedict, Scrambled Eggs, French Toast, Frittata and Hash. For brunch I usually order an Eggs Benedict, but this time around, I opted for the Frittata with Grilled Black Forest Ham (my meat fixing!) on the side. I was worried that it would be rich and heavy, but I knew it’s not the case as soon as I took the first bite. (more…)


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