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Are you looking for gift ideas for your dearest? Or dining options on this special day? Here are some ideas:


  • Bacchus Restaurant – $135 per person 4-course dinner plus amuse bouche
  • Black + Blue – $85 per person for a 3-course dinner
  • Boathouse Restaurants – $55 or $65 for a 3-course dinner
  • Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar – $120 per person for a 4-course dinner plus amuse bouche and petits fours
  • Burdock & Co – $80 per person for a multi-course dinner. Only two seatings available with 34 seats each: 5:30/6pm and 8/8:30pm
  • C|Prime – $45 per person for a 3-course dinner
  • Cardero’s – a la carte 3-course menu
  • CIBO Trattoria – $68 per person for a 4-course dinner. You can also order this menu a la carte.
  • CinCin – $85 per person for a 4-course dinner
  • Crowbar – $200 per couple for 32 oz organic dry-aged ribeye steak cooked to order, served alongside freshly baked bread, feature pasta and two sides, all capped off by a sinfully decadent dessert. Only 14 sets available.
  • Dockside Restaurant – $75 per person for a 4-course dinner
  • Federico’s – $100 per person for a 4-course dinner, with live music and dancing



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The Fish Shack, along with other members of the Glowbal Restaurant Group, extended their Dine Out menu for a week. With the full intent to try the Fish Shack’s DOVF menu, we ended up ordering off the regular menu, because, the Fishermen’s Catch was calling.

The Fish Shack


For the 4 of us, we created our own seafood feast here. First, a dozen of Kusshi Oysters, my favourite.

Kusshi oysters

Fresh oysters here come with 4 sauces: mignonette, cocktail sauce, yuzu and house-made hot sauce. With the exception of the hot sauce, they were all on the light side. Not necessarily a bad thing, since the light sauces added some flavour to the oysters without taking away the taste of the sea. Another good way to eat fresh oysters? Ketchup with a bit of Tabasco.

Sauces for fresh oysters

Then, we shared the Small Fishermen’s Catch. You need to order a minimum of two; even though an order of 4 would give us more to share, we wanted to try other things so two orders made more sense. And as expected, the amount of food was probably more appropriate for two people. It had a good amount of mussels, clams, calamari, prawns, 2 snow crab legs and half a dungeness crab, as well as corn and chorizo sausages. It definitely reminded us of Crab Pot, but the tools here were much more refined than the wooden mallet at Crab Pot.

Tools for the Fisherman's Catch

As the seafood boil arrived, the server helped toss some seasoning and butter into the seafood. The seasoning is quite light, so I would suggest to be slightly less conservative with the seasoning shake.

Adding the seasoning

Everything tasted fresh, with its natural sweetness. (more…)

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While we’re continuing our Dine Out Vancouver coverage this week, I’m pleased to let you know that some restaurants have decided to extend their menu offering for a few more days. Here are their end dates and menus:

Until Feb 7

Until Feb 9

Until Feb 11

Until Feb 12

Until Feb 13

Until Feb 28

This year’s Dine Out has been my recent favourite. Overall, I think the restaurants have raised the bar and put out a much more interesting and tastier menu, and the service quality has also seen improvement. We have 2 more reviews coming up this week so be sure to follow them!

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Despite the expected, typical hits & misses during Dine Out, I tend to use this period to try out new restaurants and assess the potential return in the future. If a restaurant could impress me during this time, it would probably be even better when visiting post Dine-Out. This year I continue this tradition, and first up, Black + Blue, the latest addition to the Glowbal Restaurant Group empire.

Black + Blue Interior

Black + Blue Interior

Frankly I didn’t know what to expect from this restaurant because I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, in fact mostly negative both from regular diners online and my coworkers. Keeping an open mind, I gave it a try.


We tried everything but one of the entrees. The two appetizers were pretty good. Bacon ‘n’ Eggs upgrades your everyday breakfast by using a super thick cut bacon and duck egg. The bacon was actually more like a piece of braised pork belly, super fatty, with perhaps only 20% meat (maybe not even that), rich and quite flavourful. I was expecting the egg to be a fried, sunny-side up or over-easy egg, but it was scrambled. It was cooked perfectly, creamy and all, but it could’ve been a chicken egg and it wouldn’t make a difference.

Bacon ‘n’ Eggs

Bacon ‘n’ Eggs

Tuna Carpaccio was a very delicate dish. The fish was thinly sliced, sprinkled with some sea salt and plated with pickled golden beets and truffle aioli. Not only did the sea salt brought out the flavour of the fish, it also added a crunch to the texture so it’s not all mushy. As soon as the dish was served I could smell the truffle in the aioli, but I personally found the truffle aioli a bit rich and over-powering.

Tuna Carpaccio

Tuna Carpaccio

For entree, given that Black + Blue is a steakhouse, I chose the Angus Tenderloin. The portion was relatively small, the steak was about 6oz with a few pieces of roasted root vegetables on the side. The snow crab béarnaise sauce was a bit too thick that you can’t really see the crab meat, and perhaps unnecessarily since it’s now hiding the natural flavour of the steak. The tenderloin itself was pretty well cooked; meat was juicy and tender. My dad and I both ordered the tenderloin, but one wanted medium and another medium rare. Black + Blue indicated the meat doneness by sticking a wooden stick into the meat. However, both of our steaks had a stick marked “Medium”. (more…)

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