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And we’re continuing from Part 1 of this recap

Stuff that piqued my interest and tasted great

SEVA Maple Water

I’ve never heard of maple water prior to this. It’s basically treated maple sap, which is what maple syrup is made from. You can think of it as diluted syrup, to the point where you barely taste the sweetness.

SEVA Maple Water

SEVA Maple Water

It’s being marketed as an alternative to sports drinks and coconut water, and I can see the appeal. It tasted quite light and refreshing, but still made a little dance on my taste buds.

Cheese from the Village Cheese Company

What used to be the site of the Armstrong Cheese Company, Village Cheese Company now produces small batched “artisan cheese”. The difference in taste and texture was significantly better than most of the commercially available stuff I’ve tried. (more…)

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