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Having been trained by Bryan, I’ve gained an understanding and appreciation for craft beer, and slowly getting into drinking the hoppier, more bitter kinds. I still remember a couple of years ago, I made a comment to my CEO that a beer I was drinking was “too hoppy for me.” I couldn’t live that one down for a very long time.

So Granville Island recently launched its new Infamous IPA as part of the Under the Bridge series. While Bryan was having a well-deserved vacation, Mr. and I checked out the launch event called “A Night of Infamy” at GIB’s Tasting Room.

Launch of Infamous IPA

To my surprise, it was not only fun but also educational! Unlike most other events we have been to, you actually had to work for your booze. We had to visit the 4 stations set up throughout the tasting room, and collect stamps in order to redeem our beer.

Stamp card

While we were there, we learned of the history of India Pale Ale aka IPA in general and GIB’s past IPA offerings. IPA was originated in the 1800s during Britain’s colonial presence in India,


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Winter is one of the best times of the year for seasonal beers with local craft brewers pushing out all kinds of tasty brews to take advantage of the Christmas shopping spree. Now, I know Christmas is already a distant memory for most of you, but I’ve been away on holidays so it’s still fresh in my mind, as are these beers. So, without further ado, onwards:

Parallel 49

I once saw Parallel 49 tweet “We try our best to innovate, not imitate”, and if you take a look through their portfolio of beers, you can see they take that philosophy seriously. This can result in awesome beers like From East Van With Love or Snap, Crackle, Hop, but it can also result in forgettable disasters like Lil Red.  Whatever the case may be, P49 is always a great place to try something new and different.

Sahti Claws – A Finnish Sahti, this is a style brewed with Juniper berries that I hadn’t even heard of, let alone tasted, so I went into this one with absolutely no idea what to expect. It came out surprisingly standard, but not in a bad way. Pine, juniper, a little hops and malts. Nicely balanced. Pretty decent. (more…)

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