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Lately my coworker JN and I have been talking about macarons a lot, especially since my visit to Leonidas last week. The other day, when I came to work I saw this little package on my desk. Immediately I recognized the logo and knew that they were macarons from Soirette. Turns out JN bought me a couple when she stopped by the shop the night before. How sweet of her!

A little package of macarons from Soirette

A little package of macarons from Soirette


According to JN and based on its website and Twitter/Facebook, Soirette has a very interesting collection of macaron flavours. And they continue to introduce new flavours so customers will keep coming back for more. Examples include Pink Peppercorn, Rose, Malibu, White Truffle and Pink Himalayan Salt. The store also specializes in tea, so there have been a few flavours that are infused with tea leaves. Knowing that I enjoy fruity flavours and am willing to try new things, JN picked out two vibrant-coloured macarons (which also happen to be the colours of our company logo haha!), and they were two very interesting flavour combinations. (more…)

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