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While we’re continuing our Dine Out Vancouver coverage this week, I’m pleased to let you know that some restaurants have decided to extend their menu offering for a few more days. Here are their end dates and menus:

Until Feb 7

Until Feb 9

Until Feb 11

Until Feb 12

Until Feb 13

Until Feb 28

This year’s Dine Out has been my recent favourite. Overall, I think the restaurants have raised the bar and put out a much more interesting and tastier menu, and the service quality has also seen improvement. We have 2 more reviews coming up this week so be sure to follow them!


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I have to say, sometimes I have the toughest time trying to determine a dinner location in Burnaby, especially when it comes to somewhere for fine dining and celebrating special occasions. Often comes to mind is the Hart House near Deer Lake. On a Saturday in May (yeah it’s awhile ago, but I had the draft ready awhile back; it’s just been collecting dust), Mr. and I went there for a friend’s birthday.


I remember a couple of years ago, I went to the restaurant for Sunday brunch and I was quite happy with the food. Therefore this time around I was expecting similar quality of food. Boy was I wrong. I should never go to a restaurant with any expectation because it’s never consistent – it often depends on the chef and the service staff. In this case, it’s definitely a hit and miss for us.

I ordered the Duck Breast off the regular menu. It was a generous serving of meat (and you know me and my meat) – not only there’s a huge slice of duck breast, there’s also a ridiculous amount of lentils with shredded duck meat on the side. The duck breast was quite moist and juicy, and the seasoning was just right. And while I don’t mind lentils and the shredded meat made it more flavourful, there was just WAY too much of them. I couldn’t finish them all.

Now here’s the kicker. (more…)

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