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It was one of those mornings, where you roll out of bed and you think, “Damn, I really don’t want to do anything. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to cook.” Not sure about you, but I get those days often – not that I always succumb to them.

So of course, cocoon myself into my blankets like a hot dog for a few more minutes before reaching over to text my friend if she wanted some brunch. On her recommendation, we headed out to Acme Cafe, which is in that sort of shady part between Chinatown/Gastown area.

The outside looks like it’s been remodeled to match the older style streetscape along the block. Dark hunter green wood frames, big glass windows, old fashioned sign hanging above the door – it definitely got an old-school diner vibe going on.

Enter here!

Interior walls were coated in a clean white, like a modern take on that diner look I mentioned. I loved how they had an open kitchen concept, with a semi-circle counter with bar stools that allows for interaction between customers (especially regulars) to chat with cooks and servers. Absolutely love it. Of course, they have booths for bigger groups along the walls as well as stand-alone tables – a definite plus. Also, the tables aren’t all crowded together like many restaurants, where you end up eavesdropping on three different conversations.

Love the concept to the modern twist of a diner.

Their menu is fairly simple, with a menu for breakfast, lunch, and supper; main features being on sandwiches and paninis. (more…)


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