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During my last post, I discussed the delicious food and wine pairings at this event; but there was much much more — over 70 types of wine was presented for tasting, and I did what I can to try them all.  Here’s a list of my favourites.

Notable wines

I’d like to make it clear that I’m by no means a wine connoisseur. This is a new found appreciation, so if you are a seasoned wine drinker, you should take what I have to say with a grain of salt. However, if you are a beginner yourself, you’ll likely find my opinions useful.

For more information on Australian wines, please visit www.wineaustralia.com


I’m a big fan of Australian Chardonnays. I prefer their weaker oak taste and stronger fruity notes. They are great for wine beginners. My favourite was the Cooralook Chardonnay from Mornington Peninsula (left), the Evans & Tate Chardonnay from Margaret River was a close second. Both are under $20.

Holiday Reds

As a beginner, I prefer the softer and lighter palates of Pinot Noirs. The Cooralook was the most easy-drinking of this category, but the taste of fresh grape is a bit too transparent, making it taste like grape juice.



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Up until recently, wine is something I only had during holidays and special occasions, and something I knew very little about. Of course, all that started to change with four consecutive wine tasting experiences within the last two months. For the first three tastings, I tried out wines from various BC wineries located in Langley and the Okanagan. Last week, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to participate in Wine Australia’s media tasting.

Buschlen Mowatt Galleries

It was my first time attending an event of this format, and I was very impressed. The tasting was held at the Buschlen Mowatt Galleries on West Georgia, with a self serving format. That means the over 70 types of wine, 7 types of food pairings (since there was a lot more wine than food, I will refer to them as food pairings), and a whole lot of glasses are there ready for you the second you come through the door. It was hard to not go overboard: I had to keep reminding myself that I’m an adult, and moderation is a virtue. I think all in all I managed well. (more…)

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