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It’s amazing how quickly our weather has gone a 180! We had such a nice September and it didn’t take long for our October to become, well, our usual October, wet and cold. Because of the sudden weather change, a lot of people at the office has been under the weather. And that’s when I was introduced to this magical drink found in Yaletown – the Cold Blaster. And O-Cha Tea Bar, is the place to be.

Cold Blaster

The other day, after my two teammates have been claimed a victim of the vicious virus, I trekked all the way to Yaletown to grab a Cold Blaster, just in case. Other colleagues have tried it before and it seemed to have helped them recover from early cold symptoms, so I thought I would get it as a preventative measure. This drink contains a special tea blend, orange juice, honey, ginger, and a little wedge of lemon; all this is topped with a shake or two of cayenne powder. Yes, cayenne powder. The combination of ingredients may sound really strange, but when mixed together it’s a fragrant, citrusy drink. And thanks to the heat from the cayenne, it warms you right up as soon as you take your first sip.

Cold Blaster at O-Cha

Cold Blaster at O-Cha

After my first dose of Cold Blaster, my body has stayed strong and I haven’t fallen as another victim of the virus. This seems to be the cure-all now for colleagues who are feeling a slightly bit sick. At the same time KB and LH just love the tea for what it is, and would just go for one even if they feel find. Ah what a great find!

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