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Brice Peressini

Brice Peressini (Photo by Sebastian Chuffer)

Born in BC, Brice Peressini spent most of his life in Alberta. He came back a year ago to establish himself in beautiful Vancouver to pursue new challenges and seek new experiences. Bartending entered his life as a temporary situation, but he fell in love with the combination of social interaction and creative license. Brice is the ambassador for this year’s MADE WITH LOVE Competition and will work very soon for the new Parq Vancouver Casino. I had the opportunity to ask him about the bar scene in Vancouver.

What is the bar scene like in Vancouver?

We have some of the best and most innovative bartenders plying their trade right here in Vancouver and getting recognition internationally. We have fresh ingredients, innovative minds, sexy spaces, and fun environments. There is everything from craft beer brewpubs, to dark and sexy cocktail speakeasies. Truly something for everyone here.

What are some bars/lounges in Vancouver that you would suggest our readers to visit?

Depends on what they’re feeling in the mood for.



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Guy Stowell started his bartending career at 19, where he found his first job cleaning glasses at a pub in London. Fascinated by the endless possibilities in alcohol and spirits, he slowly moved around the industry. Four years ago, Guy moved to Canada with his wife and has been behind the bar of BaoBei for the past 3 years. I sat down with Guy and we chatted about the mixology/cocktail scene in Vancouver.

What is the bar scene like in Vancouver?

Guy Stowell, BaoBei

Guy Stowell, BaoBei

It’s quite different between Vancouver and London. There are limitations on the type and brands of alcohol we could use here for mixing, so bartenders are challenged to be more creative with the recipes. The enormous support for local food producers also encourages bartenders to incorporate local ingredients in the cocktails.

Customers in Vancouver also have a more sophisticated palate, not just with food but also with their cocktail selection. They are open to trying different things, and pay attention to food pairings. We have moved away from sweet cocktails for a number of years now, more focused on sours, but what’s also catching on is earthy, medicinal spirits. Bartenders have been drinking these for awhile now, because we have to try different spirits to look for inspirations, so it’s great to see that customers have started to pick that up.

What are a few bars that you would suggest us to visit?

There are many great bars in Vancouver so depending on what you like/feel like, there’s always something for you. The ones I’m suggesting here all have a great cocktail list, some classics, some non-pretentious, some with unique regional items (e.g. Tiki cocktails): (more…)

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In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Food Network fan. So when I heard that there’s a new show called “World’s Weirdest Restaurants” starting on April 4, I was pretty excited about it. And when I learned that I could interview with the host Bob Blumer, who is the host of “Surreal Gourmet” and “Glutton for Punishment”, there was no reason to turn it down.

Bob and I actually had a brief encounter two years ago, when Bob visited Vancouver to host a Tourism Vancouver Island event during the Olympics. Not only that, I also took a picture with him at the event, so it’s even more exciting for me to reconnect with him (so to speak).

Bob Blumer and Joyce, Feb 2010

Bob Blumer and Joyce, Feb 2010

Bob is no ordinary chef. Watching him on TV, the way he turns ingredients into interesting, whimsical dishes, and his passion to continue to challenge himself is just inspiring, and that has become his culinary trademark. So I wasn’t surprised that he was the host of “World’s Weirdest Restaurant”. Bob is not one of the show’s creators, but, according to the show’s production company Paperny Entertainment, “Bob has been absolutely instrumental in every stage of the production.” The premise of the show is simple: Bob travels around the world to check out some of the weirdest eateries. There are 13 episodes in the first season, featuring a total of 52 weird restaurants in the world. Via Skype, let’s hear from Bob more about the show.

Bob says Hi!

Bob says Hi!

An Interview with Bob Blumer

Joyce: How long did it take you to shoot the first season?

Bob: Every episode has 4 segments. Each segment was shot in a 6-hour period in the restaurant. We would travel and shoot for about 3 weeks, then take a 2-week break before doing it again. In total, we travelled for about 5 months. (more…)

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As mentioned in my last post, at the Blue Ribbon Classics Menu launch event we had the opportunity to interview Chef Bruce Bromberg of Blue Ribbon Restaurants. It was a pleasure to spend about 10 minutes with Bruce, and talk about this partnership with Renaissance Hotels, his food inspirations, etc. Instead of typing up a transcript, why not taking some videos and post them here?! So, here it is everyone, interview with Chef Bruce Bromberg:

How many cities are you touring with the Blue Ribbon Classics Menu? And why did you pick Vancouver as the first and only city out of US for this tour?


Bruce had the opportunity to visit Tojo’s, Rodney’s Oyster House as well as Granville Island. He’s certainly impressed by what our city has to offer.

What are the inspirations behind the menu? What inspired you to pursue a career in culinary?


Now it makes more sense why they chose to feature those dishes on the Blue Ribbon Classics Menu, why we’d see chicken wings, grilled cheese an chicken burger and not some fancy dishes.

What’s next for Blue Ribbon? (more…)

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